You Have to Read Regé-Jean Page’s Thoughts on the "Appeal" of "Sushi-Based" Foods

Regé-Jean Page shared a few things about himself, including what is so "appealing" about the smell of sushi. Learn more facts about the 34-year-old actor.

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You'll burn for this new information on Regé-Jean Page.

Many know the British actor swept the world by storm in his role as Simon Basset on Netflix's Bridgeton. And while Regé-Jean has said goodbye to his time on the period drama, the 34-year-old has entered a new era of projects that include a starring role in the upcoming Netflix series The Gray Man and becoming the face of the Armani Code Parfum.

Regé-Jean—who is dating soccer player Emily Brown—reflected on his career in a recent interview with Elle, saying that his "favorite thing about this job is continuing to reserve space to surprise myself."

But what aspects of Regé-Jean's personal life might surprise fans? To learn about his super minimalist self-care routine, what he loves so much about "sushi-based" foods and more facts about the star, keep reading.

Regé-Jean Page Finds Sushi Very "Appealing"

When asked, "What food scent do you find irresistible?" during a July 12 interview with InStyle, Regé-Jean noted that his "favorite foods generally are sushi-based."

"If you're doing it right, it shouldn't have a particularly strong scent," he explained. "But the subtleness and the cleanliness of that I find quite appealing. So I guess the inverse of that is that I'm not drawn to very, very strong-smelling food."

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He's Obsessed With the Smell of Rain

"I like the smell of rain because it reminds me of multiple places," Regé-Jean shared with InStyle. "It rains everywhere, but it just rains differently. The smell of rain in London is the smell of people on the bus with wet coats warming up; it's people on the tube. Whereas the smell of rain in New York is very multi-faceted. And then the smell of rain in California is very different because it's also so rare."

How He Uses Cities to Get Into Character

When it comes to his acting roles, Regé-Jean often takes the locations into account while filming.

"The environments in which we work, in which those characters live, particularly if you're shooting on location, can be very evocative," he told the outlet. "I still remember the smell of a lot of Baton Rouge [where Roots filmed], beyond any weather."

Regé-Jean Page Is Drawn to People Who Are Comfortable and Confident

As the new face of Armani's Code Parfum, Regé-Jean was asked if there is a certain scent he likes on others. He shared that a specific smell doesn't come to mind, but when it comes to being confident in your skin, Regé-Jean can smell it.

"For me, it's bit like when people are comfortable in their outfit," he explained. "I think when someone feels comfortable in this scent and in front of other people. That's a very abstract idea, but I get a very specific feeling when someone's scent is comfortable."

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Regé-Jean Page's Self-Care Routine is Very Simple

"It's very simple," he explained in a June 20 interview with Elle. "Sleep, water, good vibes."

He Rereads This Book Often

Regé-Jean grabs The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry every couple of years, he told Elle. He shared, "I think that there are little pieces of that that always resonate differently each time I come back to it."

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