Why Nicholas Braun's Friendship With Matthew Macfadyen Shapes Their Succession Dynamic

In an exclusive interview with E! News, Succession's Nicholas Braun reacted to being nominated alongside frequent scene partner Matthew Macfadyen for the 2022 Emmys.

By Alyssa Ray Jul 12, 2022 6:47 PMTags
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Nicholas Braun is more than a sprinkle.

In fact, the Succession star is now a two-time Emmy nominee, nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor In a Drama Series at the 2022 Emmys. However, as Braun exclusively told E! News, this news is even sweeter thanks to his co-star Matthew Macfadyen being honored alongside him in the category.

"He deserved it completely," Braun raved. "Just one of my favorite actors I've gotten to work with and just in the world. He's an amazing guy to learn from and we have something really special."

Macfadyen, who plays Braun's devious mentor Tom in the HBO drama, shared several scenes with Braun's Cousin Greg this season, including one in the finale where he convinced the up-and-comer to double-cross the Roy siblings. And while these characters may have a totally toxic dynamic on-screen, Braun revealed that his friendship with Macfadyen is the key to pulling it off.

Succession Season 3: The Best Burns

"Our friendship helps us get even nastier with one another," he explained. "Because you're like, 'Oh my god, what's he gonna do? I'm gonna give him some he's gonna give me something.'"

For those who need a reference, Macfadyen's Tom uttered the following to Braun's Greg in season three: "I'd castrate you and marry you in a heartbeat."

While some might be shocked by this line, Braun made it clear that he loves these Tom-Greg moments, adding, "Anything he wants to do to any degree, I'm here for it."


As for what we can expect from season four? Braun stayed mostly tight-lipped, but did tease, "I would say some even nicer suits. He's moving in the direction that he wants to. He is continuing to try to thrive in this world."

Hopefully that doesn't mean Greg is leading a round of "Boar on the Floor."

Find out if either Braun or Macfadyen take home the Emmy when the award show airs on NBC and Peacock Sept. 12 at 8 p.m. ET.

(E!, NBC and Peacock are all part of the NBCUniversal family.)

The 75th Emmy Awards will now air Monday, Jan. 15, 2024 on Fox.