Can The Boys’ Victoria Kill Homelander? Actress Claudia Doumit Says...

The Boys actress Claudia Dumit spoke about Victoria Neuman's supe abilities and why she hasn't popped Homelander's head just yet.

By Cydney Contreras, Alyssa Ray Jul 07, 2022 4:22 PMTags
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Is Victoria Neuman the one supe who could take down Homelander in The Boys? And would she?

So far, it seems like the secret supe, played by Claudia Dumit, is the only person capable of killing Homelander (Antony Starr) thanks to her ability to explode people's heads with her mind. But she hasn't used it to kill Homelander, even though the world would be better off without him, begging the question: Why?

"I don't think it would be as simple as any of her other kills," Claudia told TVLine. "I think she knows that, and I think she's doing what she does best in that situation, which is playing the slow game and playing by strategy."

She continued, "She's very much that kind of a character. So she probably has an inkling of how that would go down, and maybe the situation would just need to be better aligned for her. She's a smart woman, she's intelligent character. She knows when she's in a good position, and she knows when she needs to fight."

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As things stand, Victoria is keeping Homelander as an ally and staying out of his fight with Billy the Butcher (Karl Urban) and the rest of the boys, including her former colleague Hughie (Jack Quaid). She even betrayed Vought CEO Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito), who was like a father to her, just to stay in Homelander's good graces.

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"She makes some really heartbreaking sacrifices of those closest to her," Claudia said. "As you see, she's teamed up with one of the one of the show's most horrific characters [in Homelander] that you just absolutely love to hate. Who knows where it will go, but I think a team-up of Homelander and Neuman probably would not end well."

That doesn't mean Victoria and Homelander are BFFs though. Victoria has proven she's not afraid of stabbing someone in the back, so this could be another part of her plan. As Claudia suggested, "Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer, and that'll just give her a chance to analyze Homelander's weaknesses."

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This is just a theory though. For the most part, Claudia is kept in the dark regarding Eric Kripke's plans for the series. She didn't even know Victoria was a supe until she got the script for season three. As she exclusively told E! News, "I knew nothing. I continue to know nothing until I get the script. Which is amazing, because it's really lovely actually to find out more about the character as you go along."

Apparently, last season, Eric kept telling Claudia that he was "so excited for Neuman," and that was it. "I was like, ‘That's cool,'" she continued. "And then I got episode seven, and I was like 'Oh! This is cool.'"

Though she's hoping for more of Victoria come season four, which was announced in June, she's ultimately just happy that we got to know more about the politician. She added, "I really love that we get to dive into her personal life this season."

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