10-Year-Old Twins Save Dad From Drowning By Using CPR They Learned From The Sandlot

Ten-year-old twins sprang into action when their dad went unconscious in their pool. Despite not being trained in CPR, a scene from The Sandlot played a role in saving their father’s life.

By Tamantha Gunn Jul 06, 2022 2:00 PMTags
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This team deserves a round of applause.

On June 14, 10-year-old twin brothers Bridon Hassig and Christian Hassig were spending time together at the pool with their father, Brad Hassig, and their 11-year-old neighbor, Sam Ebert, when the unthinkable happened. "It was a typical afternoon—we had music on the speakers and I was doing breathing exercises underwater to relax," Brad told Today June 30. "I wasn't pushing myself or trying to be a Navy Seal."

That's when things took a turn for the worst. 

Moments after Brad went underwater in the five-foot end of the pool, he lost consciousness. Bridon and Sam noticed that he was slumped over and alerted Christian, who put on his goggles and dove underwater.  

"Christian said I was on my side and shaking and my head was turning blue," Brad recalled. "He yelled for Bridon and Sam to jump in and they each grabbed a shoulder and pulled me to the stairs."

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Christian then ran to get help from his neighbors, but no one was home. He eventually flagged down a driver in the street, who called 911. Meanwhile, Bridon—who does not have emergency training—began performing CPR on his father after he recalled seeing the resuscitation method in the films Hook and The Sandlot.

A neighbor, who is a cardiologist, heard the sirens and ran to Brad's backyard, dragging his body from the pool steps to the deck. When Brad regained consciousness, he coughed up blood, foam and water. He told Today that he heard Christian by his side pleading, "Daddy come back. You have to be OK."

Once first responders arrived, Brad was taken to a nearby hospital where he was admitted into the cardiac intensive-care unit. After 24 hours, his vitals were stabilized and he was diagnosed with hypoxia—low levels of oxygen in your blood—pulmonary edema—a condition caused by too much fluid in the lungs—and shortness of breath.

The incident has caused Brad to vow to never do underwater exercises again or swim alone. 

"I'm so proud of my boys," he said. "I tell them, 'Remember you guys are heroes' and I will be grateful to them forever. And Sam is such a kind and gentle kid. It's a bond now."

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