See Where Stranger Things' Demobats Fall in Our Ranking of the Monsters

After killing off one of our favorite characters in Stranger Things season four, volume two, we are not fans of the Demobats. But are they the worst monsters in the Upside Down? Find out!

By Alyssa Ray Jul 02, 2022 2:00 PMTags
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Warning: This story includes spoilers for Stranger Things season four, volume two.

The Duffer Brothers have given us another monster to fear.

In Stranger Things season four, volume two, viewers watched as Demobats—part-demon, part-bat creatures—attacked and killed Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn). Though Eddie purposefully put himself in harm's way to help his friends—played by Gaten Matarazzo, Natalia Dyer, Joe Keery and Maya Hawke—in the Upside Down, it didn't make the battle any less frightening. The massive, flying monsters attacked Eddie from all angles, leaving him a bloody mess by the end.

Bone-chilling stuff, right?

So, we find ourselves wondering where the Demobats rank among the other terrifying beasts of Stranger Things. Specifically, could the Demobats be more deadly than season two's Demodogs? How would they fair against the OG big bad, the Demogorgon? They have to be more vicious than season three's The Flayed, right?

Lucky for you, we've thought all of this through and have ranked all the bad guys from your favorite Netflix series.

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For our official ranking of all the monsters in Stranger Things, keep reading:

7. The Flayed


When it comes to the world of Hawkins, we've seen much worse. The Flayed are people from the community that were taken over and controlled by The Mind Flayer. At the end of the day, though corrupted, they're just humans (er, well, zombies) and we're not that scared.

The Mind Flayer on the other hand? That's another story.

6. Demobats

The only reason the Demobats are ranked so low is because they haven't escaped into the real world yet. These ferocious part-bat beings are not to be messed with. Case in point: They nearly killed Steve (Joe Keery) in Stranger Things season four, volume one. Thankfully, Nancy (Natalia Dyer), Robin (Maya Hawke) and Eddie (Joseph Quinn) swooped in to save the day.

However, Eddie wasn't so lucky in volume two. The eccentric leader of the Hellfire Club passed away after bravely fighting off a vicious swarm.

5. Demodogs

Any monster with the name "dogs" in it can't be that scary, right? 

Wrong. Nicknamed by Dustin for resembling a dog, the Demodogs have the infamous "petal mouth" with rows of sharp teeth and posed great danger in season two. After killing Joyce's sweet boyfriend Bob, we wouldn't want to run into one of these in the dog park!

4. The Mind Flayer

Color us terrified! 

The Mind Flayer, which is also known as Shadow Monster or "Him," is no doubt one of the scariest monsters in Stranger Things. It was introduced and season two and returned in season three and rules the Upside Down, along with controlling Demogorgons and making them murder innocent children.

However, as we learned in volume two, the Mind Flayer gets its orders from another being (more on that later on).

3. The Spider Monster

During season three, Heather's dad, Tom and his co-worker Bruce turn into goo, become the Spider Monster—a being controlled by the Mind Flayer—and try to eat Nancy and Jonathan. Though Eleven tries to step in and save the day, the monster liquefies and goes down the sewer. This monster eventually remerges, bigger than ever, killing Billy at the end of season three.

2. Demogorgon

Anytime we watch an episode with the Demogorgon, we need to sleep with one eye open.

Named after the Dungeons and Dragons antagonist, this iconic Stranger Things monster is probably the most notable monster and earned the number two spot for good reason. The murderous, violent creature doesn't have a mind of its own and obeys the Mind Flayer.

We're sure Will and Eleven would agree with us on this one!

1. Vecna

When you were a kid and had your parents check for monsters under the bed, Vecna is what you had in mind.

The monster was introduced in season four and is described by the streamer as "a former human who mutated into a monster because of exposure to the Upside Down. Vecna lives in the attic of the Creel House, which will be a major setting for this season."

What makes him even more terrifying? He has the same abilities as Eleven—being the original Hawkins Lab test child—and controls everything in the Upside Down, including the Mind Flayer.

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