How Brooke Shields Teaches Her Daughters to Handle "Nasty" Social Media Critics

During an exclusive interview with E! News, Brooke Shields shared how she helps teach her daughters Rowan and Grier about negative comments on social media.

By Alli Rosenbloom, Tamantha Gunn Jul 03, 2022 2:00 AMTags
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Brooke Shields wants to keep the negativity away from her family.

Especially when it comes to her daughters Rowan Francis Henchy, 19, and Grier Hammond Henchy, 16 (with husband Chris Henchy), navigating social media.

"I try to not preach too much," the supermodel exclusively told E! News. "They have been privy to me as an example their whole lives. So rather than it being ‘you should do this, you should do that,' if I'm faced with something, I speak to them about it."

Though she doesn't read comments on social media, her kids do. "They'll say, ‘Mom, it's amazing how nasty people can be,'" she explained. "That's a moment for a conversation rather than dictating to them."

And she leads by example. As the founder of Beginning Is Now, an online platform and lifestyle brand for women, "they're seeing me start my own company," the 57-year-old told E!.

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"They're watching their mom navigate the world of business after having a certain type of a career and they're saying, ‘Well, if she can do it, what do I want to do? I don't have to follow in her footsteps but what I can do is maintain a sense of self, stand up for myself, own my person and everything that that entails.'"

In doing so, she knows her girls won't feel the need to fit a certain standard, but will rather create their own. "Those conversations have to be ongoing but they have to see me struggle and succeed or at least survive in the healthiest way possible," Brooke added. "They watch everything. They watch, they see everything. They're like little Hawks."

She hopes that's the case not only for her daughters, but for all women looking on. Thus why she created Beginning Is Now.

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"Women find themselves over a certain age and their life takes on a huge shift and they're not encouraged to try new things and open up new doors," she added. "And that's the message. It's a liberation, if you will, of what we're told that we're done."

That's not the only venture Brooke is focused on. She has also joined the board of CBD company Prospect Farms as a Chief Brand Officer and is working with Project Paw, a rescue initiative for animals.

Prospect Farms

The two companies have joined forces to help older animals with issues such as mobility so they can be adopted.

"It just felt so good to be working with a company who had their heart and their expertise in the right place and the right order," she told E!. "Their products are really just geared towards making lives better of animals and people and their owners."

"What they want to do show people that these older dogs are really lovable," she continued, "and they can have more energy and if we just care of them better."