How Blake Horstmann and Giannina Gibelli's Romance Really Began on All Star Shore

Despite a love triangle, Bachelor Nation’s Blake Horstmann and Love Is Blind’s Giannina Gibelli quickly developed a connection in the first two episodes of All Star Shore.

By Mike Vulpo Jun 29, 2022 7:01 AMTags
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You just never know what's going to happen down the shore.

Back in January, E! News confirmed that Bachelor Nation's Blake Horstmann and Love Is Blind alum Giannina Gibelli are dating after meeting on a reality show. Now, fans are discovering the couple's instant connection during the first episodes of Paramount+'s new series All Star Shore.

In the June 29 episode, the pair enjoyed some one-on-one time together in which Blake took his shot. "I'm glad I decided to do this show," he told Giannina. "I had some trust issues before with women. I was dating this girl and I thought she was the one. I thought it was it. Out of nowhere, she ended it."

While Blake said he's not bitter, he did admit to being a "bit guarded."

"It's funny because I feel beautiful women get hit on less," he shared. "Men are scared to get rejected and that's low key me calling you beautiful." Okayyyy Blake.

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In episode two, the duo enjoyed some quality time in the hot tub where Blake said he was "going to make my move." But when the cast joined in for a game of Kiss, Shot or Hot Question, Giannina found herself kissing both Blake and his All Star Shore partner James Tindale.


"It's not even that she kissed him," Blake shared in his confessional. "It's the way she kissed him." Not trouble in paradise, already!

But before a true love triangle formed, Blake scored some more alone time with Giannina—and she admitted to liking his kiss just a bit more. 

"I really like Blake," she told producers. "I think we have easy conversation. I think we just feel comfortable with each other. It's nice."

All Star Shore features 14 reality stars from around the world who will compete for their chance to win global bragging rights and a cash prize. The series will feature a variety of epic party-style challenges like "Party Pong" and "Shots and Found."

Along the way, Giannina hopes you will see another side of Blake, who just landed his first headlining DJ gig in Las Vegas for Fourth of July.

"He's very respectful, but I don't think that they know just how funny and spontaneous and dedicated he is," she previously told E! News. "He's doing his DJ gig now and just watching him reach all these new heights and all these goals, I don't think a lot of people know that he has it in him, but he definitely does."

All Star Shore is streaming now on Paramount+.  

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