Why Kristin Cavallari's Son Jaxon Wants Her to Date "Somebody Older"

Kristin Cavallari shared the dating advice her sons Jaxon and Camden⁠—who she shares with ex Jay Cutler⁠—recently gave her. Find out why Jaxon wants his mom to find someone "a lot older.”

By Kelly Gilmore Jun 25, 2022 12:18 AMTags
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When it comes to dating advice, Kristin Cavallari's 8 year-old son has a lot to say.

The Uncommon James CEO recently proved that her sons Jaxon Wyatt Cutler, 8, and Camden Jack Cutler, 9, who she shares with her ex Jay Cutler, had some serious opinions on her dating life when she posted a video of the little ones telling her what to look for in her next love interest.

"I'm getting dating advice from my boys," Kristin said in Instagram Stories footage recorded and published by Daily Mail. "Jaxon just said I need to date somebody older."

Jaxon then quipped off-camera, "Older, a lot older."

When Kristin inquired on why she should date someone older, Jaxon gave a simple answer: "Young people are crazy."

Other dating tips? The boys also suggested that their mom "wear better lipstick."

"The boys hate my orange lips," Kristin, seen rocking a coral lipstick shade, said with a laugh. "Maybe that's the issue. I'm wearing orange lips today."

But Jaxon isn't the only one with a cardinal rule on what it takes to be a perfect match for his mom. In the past, Kristin has also shared the qualities she looks for in a partner.

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"I need my rock," she said during an Instagram Q&A in April. "Someone who is so comfortable in their own skin who is stable and has their own s--t going on. I want a good, sweet guy. I'm done with narcissist assholes thank you very much."

During her candid Q&A, Kristin also noted that she is "finally" ready for a serious romance after she and Jay announced they were getting divorced in April 2020 after 10 years together.

"I've honestly needed the past two years to work through some heavy stuff," Kristin said. "I dated a little here and there but no one serious. I am finally in a place where I'm ready for a relationship."

Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

As for her outlook on the future, Kristin shared she "still very much" believes in marriage.

"I've had tremendous growth over the past two years," she shared, "so I will be entering a new relationship as a different person which really excites me."

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