Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott Launch New Foundation to Honor Late "Angel" Son Zen

Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott created a foundation in honor of their late son Zen, who died from a rare form of brain cancer in December. Learn about their foundation that will "help so many others.”

By Kelly Gilmore Jun 24, 2022 10:47 PMTags
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Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott are shining a light on their late son's legacy.

In a joint Instagram post shared on June 23, the duo commemorated what would have been the first birthday of their late son Zen, who passed away from brain cancer at 5 months old in December.

"June 23rd will forever be a day of celebration," they wrote. "A beautiful lighting ceremony to honor the life of an Angel."

Nick and Alyssa's post, which included an picture of them releasing a light lantern into the sky, also announced that they have formed a new foundation in Zen's honor with a mission to "foster global excellence in hope, grief-care, and pediatric healthcare for families and children in need."

"Zen's birth has now transformed into ‘Zen's Light,'" they continued. "We are proud to announce his new foundation that will help so many others in this world."

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Nick and Alyssa went on to thank those who attended the inaugural lighting ceremony, noting that the touching event will not be the last of its kind. "Can't wait for next year," they wrote, "where our Lighting Gala will continue grow to help find a cure for pediatric Cancer, further research and help console more families during difficult times."

During the Dec. 7 episode of The Nick Cannon Show, Nick shared the devastating news that Zen had passed away after being diagnosed with brain cancer. According to the comedian, the family was first alerted of Zen's illness when they brought him to the doctor for a "sinus thing," but later "found out that he had another condition."

"And I think it was called, if I'm not mistaken, fluid that was building up in his head, and that was the cause," Nick said, describing hydrocephalus. "His head was starting to get big. When we found out it was more, they called it a malignant tumor in his head. Immediately, we had to have surgery. Brain surgery."

Though doctors placed a shunt in Zen's head and hoped "for the best," Nick noted that the infant's health quickly declined around Thanksgiving. "If anybody knows how cancer is, it was cancer in the brain," he shared. "And the tumor began to grow a lot faster."

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On June 23, Alyssa also took to Instagram to share a tribute in honor of Zen's "heavenly birthday."

"At the root of all the emotions I have today there is insurmountable love," she wrote in her touching post. "I will wish he was still here with us."

She added, "GO REST HIGH."