Constance Wu Recalls Her First Day Back on Set After Giving Birth to First Baby

Constance Wu shared what it was like to return to set and film Amazon’s The Terminal List after welcoming her first child with Ryan Kattner. Learn why she felt "supported" behind the scenes.

By Amanda Williams, Kelly Gilmore Jun 23, 2022 11:38 PMTags
Watch: Constance Wu Says Chris Pratt Gave "Tips for Storing Breast Milk"

For Constance Wu, the best baby advice can be found on the set of a TV show.

The Crazy Rich Asians actress, who recently welcomed a baby girl with musician Ryan Kattner, recalled what it was like to return to set and film Amazon's The Terminal List after having her first child.

"I'll tell you the first day back on set after giving birth and everything, I did cry a little bit because I missed my baby," Constance shared in an exclusive interview with E! News. "Nobody knew I did."

But despite making the tough adjustment to return to work, Constance noted that she "couldn't have asked for a more supportive, wonderful loving environment" from her co-workers behind the scenes.

She said that co-star Chris Pratt "intimately" understood what it was like for her, "because his wife was going through the same thing because we gave birth around the same time," Constance recalled. "And then with the producers, who were also family people, they really made sure that I felt supported as a mother."

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Constance explained of the creative team, "They knew that that's when any employee or actor gives their best work, is when they feel supported as a human. And part of that is being a parent and caring about your family."

So, how much of an intimate understanding did Chris have of newborns? After all he is a father to three, sharing daughters Lyla, 22 months, and Eloise, 1 month, with wife Katherine Schwarzenegger and 9-year-old son Jack with his ex-wife Anna Faris.

Well, Constance revealed the Jurassic World actor had plenty of tips on what do with breast milk. So much so, she even "bought an extra freezer to store my breast milk" because of him.

"He and I both had kids around the same time," Constance explained. "And, you know, he just had great advice for storing breast milk. And it was kind of fun to being able to powwow with somebody who was going through the same thing."

As for Constance's co-star JD Pardo, he and Chris chatted about a very different topic in-between takes.

"I had the opposite, where we're talking about making babies and making sure like, you know, you're firing and on all cylinders," JD exclusively told E! News. "But you can have those conversations with Chris because he's just a normal guy."


Chris, JD and Constance star in the Amazon Original The Terminal List. According to the show's logline, the action-packed series follows Lt. Commander James Reece (played by Chris) as he sets out for answers and vengeance on the murder of his entire platoon.

So, it's safe to say the show will hold some high-stakes moments. But when the cameras weren't rolling? JD explained that it was a laid back experience, adding that the cast was just "talking about kids and we talk about fishing."

Constance even noted that Chris brought her a special gift during their time on set.

"Chris has a farm, you know. He gave me bacon from his farm," she told JD. When he looked surprised, she teased, "You didn't get bacon? You're missing out."

While not everyone got to taste the bacon from Chris' farm in Washington, everyone will be able to get a taste of this action-packed new series—which releases on Amazon Prime Video July 1.