Watch 90 Day Fiancé's Mohamed and Yve Argue About Religion While Using the Treadmill

90 Day Fiancé's Mohamed and Yve have different views about how they want to raise a potential child together. See them debate religion at the gym in this exclusive sneak peek.

By Daniel Trainor Jun 23, 2022 3:00 PMTags

There's nothing a good workout can't solve—except maybe a contentious debate about religion. 

Mohamed and Yve butt heads about plans to raise their prospective child while side-by-side on the treadmill in this exclusive clip from the June 26 episode of TLC's 90 Day Fiancé.

"We've spoken about having a child together," Yve first says in a testimonial. "I just feel like Mohamed would be an amazing father. He's just so great with [Yve's son] Tharan. I would really love to share that experience with him."

While Yve admits she has reservations about her "time frame and age," Mohamed isn't sweating it, saying, "If we have a chance to have a child, I would love to have a child with you because I love you. But if not, that not bothers me. I leave that to God."

The couple, who have a 23-year age difference, continue the conversation at the gym—and it shifts to their differing religious beliefs.

"It's very important if I have a child," Mohamed says, "I will take my child to the mosque with me."

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Yve, who says she's more into yoga than organized religion, pushes back and asks, "If the child is more interested in what I believe in and what I'm doing, what's going to happen?"

While the two move very slowly on their treadmills, Mohamed refuses to budge. "Let me make something clear," he tells Yve. "My child, you can't get him confused about his religion while I'm teaching him something."

This is the worst workout ever.

"You can't just take me out of the equation if we have a child," Yve tells Mohamed. "What if they say, ‘I want to go with Mommy' or something like that?"

Mohamed eventually puts his foot down and states his opinion very clearly, "It's very simple. My child will be Muslim."


Mohamed not only points to his own religious beliefs for rationalization, he says his fiancée's lifestyle would lead to damaging results—at least in his opinion.

"If the child will be raised in the spirituality that Yve believes in," Mohamed argues, "it's going to end up with a kid drinking alcohol and dating and doesn't know what he should do."

This is going to be one awkward car ride home.

See how it all plays out when 90 Day Fiancé airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on TLC.

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