What Exactly Chris Hemsworth Ate to Prep for Thor: Love and Thunder

By Paige Strout Jun 21, 2022 10:12 PMTags

Chris Hemsworth didn't need an otherworldly diet in order play the God of Thunder.

Part of his physical prep for the latest Thor installment Love and Thunder with trainer James "Duffy" Gaver involved a diet that, as Chris put it, spanned across "the animal kingdom."

"For breakfast, would be three or four eggs with a fistful of rice or a fistful of veggies or both," he exclusively told E! News' Daily Pop on June 21. "Then a few hours later, it would be chicken, veggies, rice. Next meal would be steak, vegetables rice—fish, vegetables, rice."

Luckily, his effort was all worth it for a cheat day. "Pizza's a big one for me," the 38-year-old shared. "I like hamburgers. Ice cream is a big one, chocolate—it's all the obvious stuff."

Before beginning prep for the film, Chris fell in love with writer, director and co-star Taikia Waititi's script—which sees Thor face the villainous Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale)—upon first read.

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"It was what [Taika] envisioned, this sort of romantic comedy, action film, which I hadn't been a part of, and he hadn't done anything like it," he shared. "So, it was unique for both of us."

Like many MCU fans, Chris was also excited to see the return of Natalie Portman's Jane Foster, who will also become the God of Thunder, hammer and all.

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"It's action-packed, you expect that," Chris said of the film. "But I think there is a nuance to the heart in it that we haven't seen before."

Natalie wasn't the only familiar face on set, as Chris' kids—twins Tristan and Sasha, 8, and daughter India Hemsworth, 10—made themselves comfortable at their dad's place of work.

"They love it," Chris, married to Elsa Pataky, said. "They just kind of walked on now and they think they run the place. The more I tell them to be quiet, the less they do."

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Thor: Love and Thunder opens in theaters on July 8.