Aidy Bryant Sheds Light on Her Saturday Night Live Exit

After joining Saturday Night Live in 2012, Aidy Bryant said goodbye to the landmark sketch show in May. Find out why she decided to leave and why Kim Kardashian surprised her.

By Daniel Trainor Jun 21, 2022 9:18 PMTags

Aidy Bryant is opening up about being "Live from New York" no longer.

The comedian, who joined Saturday Night Live in 2012, announced her exit from the sketch show in May alongside fellow cast members Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon and Kyle Mooney. Aidy, who was nominated for three Emmys for her work on SNL, said the departure almost happened a lot sooner.

"If it weren't for COVID, I probably would have left a few years earlier," she told Variety on June 21. "But it was such a huge change. When COVID hit, it was so jarring that we were all like, 'I'm definitely going to come back next year.' And then I had to shoot [Hulu's] Shrill for half of last season, and so I missed a lot."

While her final season "wasn't the normal year that I hoped for," she doesn't regret the decision, saying "10 [years] felt like a nice, solid round number."

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When it came time to tell Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels, Aidy was nervous. 

"Maybe in March or April, I went to his office and was like, 'I gotta talk to you,'" she said. "I was scared because I feel close to him and so grateful to him. I didn't want it to come off like I was leaving angrily. I am leaving with so much love. He was like, 'I understand, and it makes sense for you.'"

Aidy's final appearance on the show came in a Weekend Update appearance alongside Bowen Yang and Weekend Update co-host Michael Che, where she and Bowen played eccentric "trend forecasters" with ideas for the summer. Aidy was concerned she might not make it through the sketch.

"I was worried I was going to really crack it wide open and fully be crying," she said. "It felt very joyful, and I felt incredibly fortified by having Bowen and Che next to me because they know me and know how considered this was for me to go."

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When asked which SNL host surprised her the most, she named a certain reality star who hosted in October 2021

"Kim Kardashian did so well and was up for anything," Aidy remarked. "It's totally out of her wheelhouse, and it's very brave and cool she did it."

While she's no longer a full-time cast member, it might not be the last time we see Aidy take the stage at 30 Rock. When the idea of hosting SNL was floated, she said, "Definitely. But that's up to them."

Something tells us they'd say yes in a heartbeat. 

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