Michael B. Jordan Removes All Traces of Lori Harvey From His Instagram After Breakup

Two weeks after Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey broke up, the actor has taken a major step in erasing her from his public profile. Here’s what’s now been archived from his Instagram.

By Daisy Maldonado Jun 21, 2022 5:43 PMTags
Watch: Michael B. Jordan ERASES Lori Harvey From His Instagram

That awkward moment when…you clean your ex from your social media.

Just two weeks after Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey broke up, the actor did just that, deleting all traces of his ex from his Instagram account. Not that he's alone. Almost immediately after news broke of their split June 5th, Lori seemed to clear Michael from her feed.

So, what's been archived? Their IG official post from January 2021. Then, there's the model's celebration of his 34th birthday, which she captioned, "I love you baby...hope today has been at least half as special as you are." Plus, their first anniversary tributes from November 2021, which included a picture on the Creed actor's feed of the duo kissing.

Not that there are any hard feelings here. Well, at least between Michael and Lori's stepdad Steve Harvey.  

"He's still a cool guy...from what I know," Steve said on June 6 episode of The Steve Harvey Morning Show. "It's a breakup. I'm pretty sure they'll be fine. People break up all the time."


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Especially when being in the public eye adds another layer to dating. "Look, as long as everybody can walk away in peace, be friends...I ain't heard nobody say they busted no windows or nothing," he said. "As long as you don't put your hands on my daughter, I don't give a damn what you do."



And when it comes down to it, family comes first. "I'm team Lori, 1000 percent," he added. "She's my daughter. I love her, I support her."