Southern Charm's Leva Bonaparte Breaks Down Season 8's Feuds

Ahead of Southern Charm's season 8 premiere, Leva Bonaparte gave E! News the exclusive scoop on who's clashing with who. Hear about all of the cast's hooking up, broken friendships and more.

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Watch: Southern Charm's Leva Teases Hook Ups & Broken Friendships

It's safe to say that a select few Southern Charm stars will not be minding their manners on the show's upcoming eighth season.

In fact, according to Leva Bonaparte, the entire cast will have their fair share of dishonorable moments at one point or another. Without giving too much away, she gave E! News the exclusive scoop on the drama and feuds to come when Southern Charm officially returns Thursday, June 23.

As Leva put it, "I think it's gonna be one of the best seasons you guys have ever seen on Southern Charm."

So, read on for a juicy preview of what's sure to be an even juicier season, featuring Leva, Venita Aspen, Taylor Ann Green and John Pringle—who were all new last season—along with longtime stars Craig Conover, Shep Rose, Kathryn Dennis, Madison LeCroy, Naomie Olindo, and last but certainly not least, first-time Charmers Olivia Flowers and Marcie and Chelb Hobbs.

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(Almost) Everyone vs. Kathryn

True to form, Kathryn isn't getting along with many of her co-stars this season. "I felt like this year, there were a lot of of opinions about Kathryn," Leva told E! News, "and despite the fact that she's not my best friend and I don't always agree with some of the things she does, I definitely would always try to stay on the outsiders' side because I don't like to pile on."

"If there's five girls yelling, I don't need to be the sixth," Leva added. "But I do think that sometimes in our group people take an easy pile on, and I don't really respect that."


The Newcomers

New to Southern Charm—though they're certainly not strangers to the Charleston social scene—are Olivia, Marcie and Chleb. The latter two are married with a baby on the way, meaning Shep's extended family is about to grow by one since Marcie is his cousin. Olivia, meanwhile, finds herself smitten with a certain Charmer. 

Fans are also still getting to know the cast members who made their Bravo debut last season. Basically, according to Leva, you should be prepared to see both groups bring it. "You'll just expect some people to be a certain way," Leva said, "and they end up being different. And I think you will be shocked to see it."

She continued, "I didn't think that we had any more surprises in us, but trust me, I was rolling on the ground at one point. I was shocked with myself, with other people. There's just a lot going on." 

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The Boys, the Girls and the Boys vs. the Girls

A battle of the sexes is coming, according to Leva—but not before some internal fighting on each side. "It starts with the boys and then mid-season, the girls, it just starts to unravel," she told E! News. "It starts to get really, really serious in the girl camp, and then it becomes really serious with the girl camp and boy camp. So then it's like the boys versus the girls, with a couple of girls in between."

More specifically, she teased, fans can expect to see "a lot of hooking up and broken friendships." 

It all starts June 23. Tune in to Southern Charm's season eight premiere at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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