Colton Haynes DM'd this Magic Mike Star About Playing Brothers

Teen Wolf and Arrow star Colton Haynes got Down in the DMs with E! News, revealing which Hollywood hunk recently followed him on Instagram.

By Paige Strout Jun 16, 2022 5:51 PMTags

When one of Colton Haynes' acting inspirations followed him on Instagram, he found himself making an unexpected pitch.

"It was Channing Tatum," the Teen Wolf and Arrow alum said on the latest episode of E! News' digital series Down in the DMs. "I don't know why, but in my head, clearly, he wanted to play brothers in a project he possibly had coming out."

His response? "I basically said, 'How much time do I have to prepare for our movie where we play brothers? I'll need one to three months if it's for Magic Mike 3," Haynes shared. "'Please let me know.'"

Though Tatum never responded about playing siblings, Haynes said, "I told him how much I admired his work and how much I related to him starting out in this industry," he told E! News. "He's been very nice."

Whether it's Tatum, singer J Balvin or comedian Meg Stalter, Haynes has always been lucky in making friends over DMs…except for when it comes to his favorite K-Pop girl group.

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"I don't know how many times I've DM'd the official BLACKPINK Instagram," he said. "I basically would talk as if we were friends."

But being a dedicated fan takes patience, as Haynes joked that he "used to wait in line to buy NSYNC CDs at Walmart for four hours" back in the day.

When Haynes isn't busy DMing his celeb buddies, he is taking a look at his own. "Fans of both of the shows [Teen Wolf and Arrow], they ask me a lot," he shared. "They're always asking me when am I gonna come to this ComicCon convention, or they're wanting to ask what the storyline's gonna be or which cast member's gonna be in the Teen Wolf movie."

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Most of his recent fan DMs have been in response to his new book, Miss Memory Lane: A Memoir, which came out May 31. "It's so inspiring to me because there's a lot of topics that are a little difficult to hear about and to talk about," he said about his fans' responses. "For me, it's really helped my journey through dealing with a lot of struggles, just knowing that they've helped other people."

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Haynes dedicated the memoir, "'To all the queer kids who long for love and attention,'" and, "'the ones who'd break their own arm if only to have someone sign their cast.'"

He continued, "I end it with saying, 'You're worthy of love without pain,' because I was that kid. It's been a lot of support, and it's been just a lot of love, and I really feel that."

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Miss Memory Lane: A Memoir is available now where books are sold.

Watch a brand new episode of E! News' digital video series Down in the DMs every Thursday on E!'s YouTube.