Nick Jonas, Kevin Hart and More Dads Share the Best Advice They Have for Parenting

In honor of Father’s Day Weekend, Tom Brady, Nick Cannon, Luke Bryan, Guy Fieri, Evan Ross and more dads offered wisdom, laughs and guidance for adults trying to master the art of parenthood.

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For Hollywood's biggest stars, the greatest role in town is simply dad.   

This Father's Day weekend, some men like Nick Jonas are celebrating the holiday for the first time as a parent. But for others like Tom Brady, Nick Lachey, Kevin Hart and Sean Lowe, this special time is another opportunity to be fully present with their kids who matter most. 

"My dad always showed up," The Bachelor star exclusively recalled to E! News. "He didn't necessarily verbalize this, but he lived it out during my entire childhood. Whether it was a spelling bee, football game, awards ceremony or a call for help, my dad always showed up. Being present and supportive will make a much bigger impact on your child than material possessions ever could."

And while busy work schedules, financial pressure and other factors can make parenthood challenging, dads like Luke Bryan are quick to remind you that you don't need to be perfect to make a positive difference.

"Cut yourself some slack, because you're not always going to knock it out of the park," the country singer told E! News. "The important thing is being able to say you're sorry and learn from fatherhood each and every day."

Stars Celebrating Father's Day 2021

With that mindset in mind, keep scrolling to see even more wisdom from Hollywood dads who deserve a round of applause for their efforts.   

Tom Brady

"My biggest fan was my dad and he was someone that encouraged me to never think that I couldn't accomplish something. I'd say to all the parents out there, don't ever tell your kids they can't do something. Whatever they think they can accomplish, go for it, and find something you love and work your ass off to make it happen. I think that would be a very fulfilling thing in life." —NFL quarterback and dad to Jack, Benjamin and Vivian, while promoting Hertz "Let's Go" campaign

Nick Lachey

"My dad was one of those dads that was never afraid to show us how much he loves us. I try to extend that to my kids. I tell them how much I love them and that I'm always there for them. I pull out the dad jokes left and right." —Love Is Blind host and dad to Phoenix, Camden and Brooklyn, while partnering with McCormick Grill Mates

Luke Bryan

"My dad once said, 'Life is precious, and you only get one go around, so go chase your dreams so you can never regret not taking a chance.' He really encouraged me to chase my dreams, which ultimately was the best advice I could have ever received." —American Idol judge and dad to Thomas and Tatum

Ant Anstead

"The best advice I would give to another dad is to instill the importance of hard work and sharing into your children. Don't just keep the fruits of that labor to yourself, but instead, encourage them to give. Share it, because by giving, it multiplies everything more." —Celebrity IOU Joyride star and dad to Amelie, Archie and Hudson

Kevin Hart

"Time waits for nobody. My little family has grown. I'm a father of four and you look up one day and they're teenagers. It's something that you blink and it just changes. Cherish every single moment that you possibly can. Hold on to those memories. They act as fuel to your life. You'll never really understand it until you get to a certain point where you look back at it and just go wow." —Celebrity Game Face host and dad to Heaven, Hendrix, Kenzo and Kaori

Nick Jonas

"The main thing my father told us is be kind to the people on the way up because on the rocky moments on the way down, they'll be there for you. We tried to live that way and walk in humility and just know that there's tons of people in the world who are very talented who have not been given some of the shots that we've been given. We try to take advantage of that to really show how appreciative we are." —Jonas Brothers member and dad to Malti, while speaking at Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation's charity boxing night

Bobby Flay

"Always have the most difficult conversations with your children. It may be embarrassing and uncomfortable for both parties from time to time, but when they need you most, they'll come to you for sage advice and encouragement because they know they can talk to you about anything." —BBQ Brawl star and dad to Sophie 

Larry Birkhead

"If you are thinking of having kids, get lots of sleep and save lots of money! If you already have kids, then you know parenting takes patience and lots of love, but it is definitely one of the most rewarding things you will ever achieve. I think it's important to be present in as many moments as you can and eliminate all the distractions because time goes by so quickly! One day you are in the toy store looking for the latest toy, the next day you are looking for colleges. Live in the moment of being a parent!" —Photographer and dad to Dannielynn

Nick Cannon

"Always embrace who you are and lean into the man that you're growing to be. If you care about other people's opinion, then you're other people's prisoner. Just lean into it and God will provide the opportunity for me to continue to be the best father I can be. As a father, as the patriarch, you have to be the one that's solid and firm in who you are because you have to then encourage and inspire the rest of the household. If you are unsure and uncertain, then who's gonna lead the way?" —Singer and dad to Moroccan, Monroe, Golden "Sagon," Powerful Queen, Zion, Zillion and Zen

Michael Bublé

"My dad taught me that we won't be remembered by our words, but by our deeds and that life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." —Singer and dad to Noah, Elias and Vida

Guy Fieri

"I tell new dads all the time to soak up all the love coming in. It's an incredible amount of work and effort to raise kids. It's exhausting and wildly more expensive than anyone ever tells you. But the love, the hugs, the laughs! The joy and sublime feeling of being loved back. Nothing in life prepares you for that kind of love." —Food Network star and dad to Hunter and Ryder, raising nephew Jules

Sean Lowe

"Show affection daily and always say, 'I love you.' Those three words will change your child's life forever. The confidence injected into a child when they know they are loved unconditionally by their father is life changing." —The Bachelor star and dad to Samuel, Isaiah and Mia

Rob Lowe

"I think a lot of advice is leading by example. My father, at 83, still works, still goes to the office, is still practicing law. I think I inherited that work ethic and value of work and drive. I think that's my biggest takeaway for sure." —Actor and dad to John and Matthew, while partnering with Atkins

Russell Dickerson

"My dad has always been my no. 1 fan, so I've learned from him how important and special it is to have that constant support and encouragement to chase your dreams! Try to slow down and soak up every moment of being a dad, and you will crush it." —"She Likes It" country singer and dad to Remington

Drew Scott

"I can read and take workshops and try to learn every single thing I possibly can about raising a child. But at the end of the day, it's not worth stressing over. Enjoy every moment and don't let the fear of the unknown keep you from connecting with your partner or baby. You'll figure it out." —Property Brothers star and dad to Parker

Taylor McKinney

"Be patient. Take the time to answer your kids no matter how many times they ask you something. They're learning. Remember they're always watching. Set the example. Love them!" —Teen Mom OG star, stepdad to Bentley, dad to Maverick and Jade

Jephte Pierre

"The best advice my father ever gave me was, 'See what happens.' As simple as it seems, it gave me the courage to try many different things. Just try your best and be open to learning and fixing past mistakes." —Married at First Sight star and dad to Laura

Chris Lane

"My dad always preached to my brother and I to not get outworked. Outwork everybody and treat everybody great. I think that's stuck with me. Playing college baseball, you definitely have to work hard and I think this career is something else. There's so many artists and everybody's fighting for the same spots at the end of the day. I think he just instilled in my brother and I hard work and always have that mentality to keep working." —Country music singer and dad to Dutton, while partnering with My GM Rewards Card 

DJ Khaled

"The love from our kids is so pure and so amazing. To all the dads out there, enjoy the love from your family. Share the joy back with your kids and your Queen and let that pure love energy glow and shine. Embrace it! It's what keeps us going. It's not about us. It's about our kids and our Queen." —DJ, producer and dad to Asahd and Aalam

Ben Napier

"The best advice I would give to a new father would be to take a breath, because even when things are extremely hard and you're so tired, you will miss it." —Home Town star and dad to Helen and Mae

Arie Luyendyk Jr.

"Parenting is one of the hardest jobs you'll ever have, but the important part is to know that children are the reflection of ourselves. The most important part of being a great parent is to be a great example. If you have a strong foundation as a couple, everything flows down to the kids. My priority has always been my relationship with my wife and that makes me a better father!" —The Bachelor star and dad to Alessi, Senna and Lux

Tauren Wells

"The best advice I'd give another dad would be to spend as much time looking in your kids eyes as possible. It makes a world of difference for them and for us!" —Joy in the Morning singer and dad to Kanaan, Lawson, Navy and Banner

Maks Chmerkovskiy

"There's a huge difference between just being around your children and actually being present. Quality time is the most important part of a child's upbringing." —Dancing With the Stars pro and dad to Shai

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

"When times are tough, this too shall pass. And when times are good, know that this too shall also pass. But the secret is to remain grateful through it all." —Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star and dad to Romeo

Evan Ross

"Being a father is a journey. The biggest thing is letting your kids know you love them and the most important thing is they know they're loved. For men, sometimes it's different because you're not taught to show love like that but it's really important to show kids you love them. Both of my parents worked a lot and I never felt like I wasn't loved. Show those kids you love them." —Singer and dad to Jagger and Ziggy, while speaking at Luna Bronze's summer kick-off 

Austin Hurd

"The best advise from my dad didn't have to do with words said, but actions shown to me day in and day out. He was always there for me, going above and beyond with whatever I needed. It's what I inspire to do for my son as well. Ultimately I was taught that actions speak louder than words." —Married at First Sight star and dad to Westin

Tony Gonzalez

"Remember they are watching you way more than they are listening to you. It's not about what you say, it's about the example you're putting forth. Since I have a 21 year-old, I've seen it come through. I was thinking they were listening, but that was not the case. He's told me it was from watching me. That's how kids learn way more than anything else." —Former NFL player and dad to Nikko, Malia and River, while partnering with Caldera + Lab

Rich Paul

"I think the best piece of advice my dad ever gave me was, 'Son, you once a man, twice a child.' He explained to me the importance of treating people a certain way. The same people you pass going up the ladder, you gotta pass coming down and they may be going up and so I've always carried myself like that." —Sports agent and dad to Reonna, while partnering with the Old Spice School of Swagger program, in partnership with Walmart

Cory Wharton

"Right when you think you have it all figured out, that's when they switch it up. Don't expect to be perfect. And if you get poop on your hand, who cares! Whip it off and put that diaper on." —The Challenge star and dad to Ryder, Mila and Maya 

Ron Howard

"Try to be patient and recognize that kids are human beings. They're undergoing change. All the time, right? And you have to remember that they're constantly growing and it's gonna be an uneven process. You need that patience, but you also need honesty and to communicate." —Director and dad to Bryce, Paige, Reed and Jocelyn, while speaking at G'Day USA Aussie Arts Gala

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