Adele’s Boyfriend Rich Paul Hints at Having "More Kids”

One year into his relationship with Adele, Rich Paul, who is already a dad to three kids, opened up to E! News about the possibility of expanding his brood.

By Alex Ross, Ashley Joy Parker Jun 11, 2022 7:18 PMTags
Watch: Adele’s Boyfriend Rich Paul Hints at Having "More Kids"

Rich Paul is ready to be a "different dad."

The sports agent. who has been dating Adele since last summer, recently reflected on his role as a father to his three children and shared how he sees himself parenting in the future.

"As a young dad, growing a business, it was pretty tough," he shared exclusively with E! News on June 10 while promoting his partnership with Old Spice's new School of Swagger program. "But now looking as an older dad, if I was to have more kids, I'm looking forward to being a different dad."

While Rich said he appreciated the experience he had with being a young parent, he's vowed that next time around, he wants to "a more patient dad."

"Oftentimes as you're building a business, you're on the go, you're moving around, the kids grow up fast in a blink of an eye," he reflected. "Next thing, you know, they're walking and they're riding the bike, running and flipping around and that's the problem."

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He continued, "You know, I have a daughter that's a junior in college so I was a very young dad, but now, different age, different time in my life, different position in my life. I'm really looking forward to being an older dad."

Meanwhile, Rich is helping young people in another way. The Old Spice School of Swagger program, in partnership with Walmart, marks a 10-year commitment to help increase high school graduation rates by 10 percent.

"It's a mentorship program," Rich said. "I think the importance of being a mentor is key. Something that I really like to do. I love to mentor and also lean in and embrace being mentored as well. We're trying to help young men and women build that confidence and have a foundation of confidence to go out and lead the world. And I think that what Old Spice is doing with the School of Swagger and for me to be a part of the first ever graduating class of the School of Swagger is really cool."

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And a blended family may not be too far off in Rich's future. He and Adele, who shares 10-year-old son Angelo with ex-husband Simon Konecki, sparked engagement rumors back in February when the "Easy On Me" singer, 34, walked the red carpet at the 2022 Brit Awards with show-stopping diamond ring on that finger.

Days later, Adele kept coy about the topic during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show.

When asked if she was in fact engaged to Rich, Adele teased, "As if I would ever tell anyone if I was or wasn't." She continued, while referencing the sparkling accessory, "Lovely though, innit?" 

Whether more children are in the couple's future, one thing is for sure: Rich isn't currently winning any "cool dad" points.

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"My kids never tell me I'm a cool dad," he shared with E! News. "Their friends think I'm a cool dad, so I feel good about that. But my kids never really tell me, 'Dad, you're cool.' They don't show me that love like that, but I know it's deep down inside."

He added, "They definitely don't want to hang with dad. For sure."