Too Hot to Handle's Emily Miller Hospitalized for Ectopic Pregnancy

Emily Miller, who starred on season two of Netflix reality show Too Hot to Handle, documented her harrowing experience of having and undergoing treatment for an ectopic pregnancy.

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Too Hot to Handle' star Emily Miller is recovering after being treated for an ectopic pregnancy, a life-threatening condition.

The Netflix reality star 27, was rushed to a hospital after collapsing from pain while shopping on June 7. She underwent emergency surgery to remove one of her Fallopian tubes, where an embryo had implanted instead of in her uterus. On June 10, Miller spoke about her experience while sharing photos from her hospitalization.

"So a few weeks ago I discovered I was pregnant," Miller, who has been dating her season two co-star Cam Holmes for more than a year, wrote on Instagram. "Although it was a shock it was something I was also quite excited about. However on Tuesday I collapsed whilst being at the shops. I cannot even describe to you the pain- it felt like my whole stomach was collapsing and was quickly rushed to hospital."

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Miller continued "I waited in A&E until 3pm the next day, when I finally got my scan. As I laid on the table squeezing Cams hand the 2 nurses were so silent. I asked if everything is ok and she replied ‘I'm just going to get my colleague for a second opinion' as the 3 nurses gathered round it was then they confirmed I had something called an ectopic pregnancy."

What is an ectopic pregnancy?

An ectopic pregnancy is a rare condition in which an embryo, or fertilized egg, implants outside the uterus, most commonly in a Fallopian tube. It can occur during natural conception or after IVF. An ectopic pregnancy is always fatal to an embryo, as it cannot survive outside the uterus, and life-threatening to the mother if untreated, as internal bleeding can occur.

"If I had left it much longer," Miller wrote, "my Fallopian tube would of burst."

Instagram / Cam Holmes

How is an ectopic pregnancy treated?

With medication or surgery, typically performed laparoscopically, in which a few small incisions are made on the abdomen, per the Mayo Clinic. Miller shared a photo of her bandages on her Instagram.

The British reality star was in disbelief that she had experienced an ectopic pregnancy. "It's one of those things you just think will never happen to you," she wrote. "I was just so scared. Not only was I about to lose my baby but I was about to have my Fallopian tube removed with the potential of my ovary too. All I wanted to do was speak to my mum and I'm pretty sure I scared all the poor women in that waiting room with my crying."

Miller said that the following night, she was taken into surgery. " I don't know who was crying more me or Cam," she said, "but was extremely emotional to say the least."

Miller continued, "I had asked Cam to get me a list of food and drink for when I return but I had panic attack when I woke up. I was dosed up with morphine because I was in so much pain that I then felt sick and had to go straight to sleep. After a few more blood tests and a bit of breakfast, I was discharged yesterday afternoon. Physically I'm still in a lot of pain and bed bound after the surgery but mentally it's been even harder."

What are the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy?

Severe abdominal or pelvic pain, accompanied by vaginal bleeding, as well as extreme lightheadedness or fainting, per the Mayo Clinic.

"Thinking back, I definitely ignored the signs my body was trying to tell me early on about my ectopic pregnancy" Miller wrote. "I can only urge girls to get an early pregnancy scan just to be on the safe side to rule out any kind of potential problems...please don't ignore your body, love to you all."

What is the long-term prognosis—will it affect the chance of conceiving again?

Most patients who experience an ectopic pregnancy will achieve a successful pregnancy in the future, even if they've lost one fallopian tube during their treatment, according to the Mayo Clinic. However, there is a 10 percent risk that they will experience another ectopic pregnancy, and losing both tubes significantly lowers fertility.

An ectopic pregnancy also carries a big emotional toll. Amid her emergency surgery and following her pregnancy loss, Miller received support from her partner. Holmes, 24, shared a photo of himself cuddling Miller on his Instagram Story, writing, "Just wanted to say Thankyou so much for all your kind messages and support. Appreciate every single one of you."

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