Britney Spears "Shaken Up" After Jason Alexander's Arrest on Wedding Day

Britney Spears' ex-husband Jason Alexander was arrested on June 9 at her wedding venue after a trespassing incident. A source told E! News, "Everyone was shocked."

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Watch: Britney Spears' Ex-Husband Jason Alexander CRASHES Her Wedding

Britney Spears is shaken after her ex crashed her wedding venue.

The singer's ex-husband Jason Alexander was arrested on June 9 after trespassing on the Los Angeles site where she married fiancé Sam Asghari just hours later.

"I'm here to crash the wedding because nobody is here except Sam. Where the f--k is the family?" Jason said while recording his invasion on Instagram Live, according to screen recordings circulating online. "So here's inside scoop of the bulls--t wedding." 

The Ventura County Sheriff Department told E! News they responded to a trespassing call on Thursday. On the scene, police realized Jason had an out of county warrant for his arrest, so he was arrested and taken to a police station. The warrant stems from two felony charges from 2015: one for grand theft and the other for buying/receiving stolen property, the Napa County Sheriff Department PIO Henry Wofford told E! News. 

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Now, a source tells E! News how Britney, 40, and her inner circle reacted to the scary situation. "Everyone was shocked," the insider said. "It threw the wedding schedule way behind because everyone had to stop to talk to security and police about what happened." 

The insider added that it was an "emotional day for Britney." 

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E! News reached out to Jason for comment but has not heard back, and he doesn't have an attorney on record to speak on his behalf.


A separate source, close to Sam, tells E! News, "Britney expressed she's a bit shaken up after the incident that happened," adding that she wanted everything "to feel like a fairytale" on her wedding day. 

"Britney and Sam spent majority of the day apart but once he heard about Jason, he wanted to console Britney," the second source explains. "He's always making sure he is there for her and is very supportive. They have both expressed that they are excited to have this special moment and to make their love official."

Ultimately, the second insider says the couple, who have been together five years, wanted it to be a "fun night of dancing and music" regardless of what transpired.

Wedding preparations were underway throughout the day on June 9, though Sam even got time to squeeze in a gym sesh before heading down the aisle. The big festivities kicked off in the evening, with celebrity guests including Donatella Versace, Paris Hilton and Drew Barrymore

The day prior, Britney shared that she was feeling a bit overwhelmed. She wrote June 8, "I'm sorry my face looks dirty but I've had emotional day and I have no makeup on!!!" 

It seems the wedding planning paid off, as the bride and groom toasted to their union with their closest friends on Thursday evening. See all the celebrity arrivals here.