Paige DeSorbo Reveals How She and Boyfriend Craig Conover First Chatted Over DMs

Summer House star Paige DeSorbo got Down in the DMs with E! News and shared the story of how she and boyfriend Craig Conniver first chatted over DMs.

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Craig Conover worked his Southern Charm on Paige DeSorbo over DMs.

The couple met while filming Bravo's Winter House, though they didn't start dating until October 2021. However, as Summer House star Paige revealed on the June 9 episode of E! News' digital series Down in the DMs, she and Craig actually chatted on social media long before meeting in person.

"Craig actually DMed me off of a painting that I posted that somebody painted of me, and he said, 'Wow, this is really cool,'" she recalled. "And I said, 'LOL, I know, right?' And then, we didn't DM again for like two years. So, I don't know if I nailed it with that response, or that was awful."

Unlike Craig, Paige said she is never one to send the first DM, especially to a celebrity. But, she is always happy to respond when a famous face reaches out to her, such as The Sopranos' Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

After Jamie-Lynn reacted to one of her Instagram stories, Paige said, "She was going to be on Watch What Happens Live, and she actually wanted me to style her for it, and I didn't see the DM! And it's probably one of my biggest regrets."

Watch a brand new episode of E! News' digital video series Down in the DMs every Thursday on E!'s YouTube.

Another celeb that reached out to Paige for help? None other than Glee alum Lea Michele. "She DMed me and said, 'Hi, where do you get your spray tans done?' And my first response was, 'Oh my god, I'm obsessed with you,'" she said. "And then, obviously, I told her where I get my spray tans done because I would never gatekeep from Lea Michele."

As for the celeb Paige would love to DM if she had "the guts" to? One name comes to mind: Jennifer Lopez. "It would probably be something so cheesy," she said, "like, ‘Keep up the good work. You're doing great. Keep going.'"

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But if J.Lo doesn't respond, Paige said she'd shoot her shot with Dua Lipa. "If I were to DM Dua Lipa, it would definitely be off of something she was wearing, like, "Where did you get that?' and, like, 'Can we hang out?'" Paige shared. "I feel like she would be so good to go out with. Imagine I just slid into Dua Lipa's DMs and said, ‘Drinks?' Sorry Craig, see ya."

Fans will soon see Paige and Craig onscreen together again in the upcoming eighth season of Southern Charm, which premieres June 23. After the trailer for the new season dropped, Paige said she got many DMs from fans who were curious as to how a city girl like herself would fit in with the Charleston ladies.

"I actually got along with every single one of them. It is true, they are nicer in the South. It was actually great."

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Southern Charm season eight premieres June 23 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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Watch a brand new episode of E! News' digital video series Down in the DMs every Thursday on E!'s YouTube.