Pregnant Lauren Bushnell Lane Says She’s Staying "Optimistic" After New Medical Diagnosis

After being diagnosed with marginal cord insertion, Lauren Bushnell Lane shared she is "trying to stay optimistic" during her pregnancy with her and Chris Lane’s second child.

By Kelly Gilmore Jun 08, 2022 11:11 PMTags
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Keeping a positive mindset, that's what mamas are for.

In a June 7 Instagram Story, Lauren Bushnell Lane gave fans an update on her pregnancy as she gears up to welcome baby No. 2 with husband Chris Lane, per People.

"The first 13 weeks-ish [of pregnancy] were way worse this time around," she said. "I just feel like I was way sicker, I threw up a lot more often, hence the hospital visit. Thankfully now I am feeling so much better."

Lauren shared that she was recently diagnosed with marginal cord insertion, noting, "I was incredibly stressed out when my doctor told me that but I'm trying to stay optimistic."

Lauren explained that marginal cord insertion is when the "umbilical cord attaches to the edge of the placenta versus the middle."

She continued, "So the concern is that when [the umbilical cord] attaches to the edge, especially later in pregnancy, it can sometimes cause the baby to not get all the nutrients it needs, so it just needs extra monitoring."

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As for her next step? Lauren said, "I need to go every four weeks for an ultrasound. It's not super uncommon."

The Bachelor alum assured fans that while the medical finding requires her to be "monitored more often," her little one on the way is "very healthy, measuring great, measuring a little bit big if anything."

Just two days ago, Lauren and Chris—who tied the knot in 2019—announced they are expecting their second child after welcoming son Dutton Walker in June 2021.

"Party of 4, coming October 2022," Lauren wrote in a June 6 Instagram post. "I cannot wait to see you as a big brother, Dutty!"


Back in June 2021, Chris shared what it was like to become a first-time parent during an exclusive interview with E! News. The "Fill Them Boots" singer acknowledged the lack of sleep—which he admitted was probably "the hardest part."

"It's been a little exhausting, but it's been the most incredible thing and we're both so blessed and happy," he shared, adding, "Dutton is the sweetest little man and we are incredibly happy and just can't wait to watch him grow up. I feel like we're gonna blink and he's going to be headed to college. We're holding on tight over here."

And while college may be a way's away, their big, big plans for Dutton to step into his new role as big brother are fast approaching.