Christy Carlson Romano Reveals Her Disney Channel “Crush” That She Dated IRL

Christy Carlson Romano, who starred on Even Stevens and Kim Possible, admitted she once dated a fellow Disney Channel star, whom she calls “a true gentleman.”

By Ashley Joy Parker Jun 07, 2022 11:47 PMTags
Watch: Kim Possible Star Christy Carlson Romano READS Fan Tweets

The real-life Disney Channel romance we never knew we needed.

Christy Carlson Romano spilled all the tea during an exclusive interview with E! News, where she answered fans' burning questions. One Twitter user even asked if she ever had a crush on a fellow Disney Original Movie star.

"I dated my DCOM crush actually," she revealed in the exclusive E! News clip on June 7. "My DCOM crush was Shawn Ashmore."

Christy, 38, said she "went on a few dates" with the actor after starring together in the 2002 Disney Channel movie Cadet Kelly, but the relationship ended there.

She continued, "It was nothing serious and he was a true gentleman," adding, "he's a very nice guy."

While Christy and Shawn, 42, didn't live happily ever after, she met and fell in love with writer-producer Brendan Rooney while studying at Barnard College. The couple tied the knot in 2013 and now share daughters Isabella, 7, and Sophia, 3. 

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As for Shawn, he married film executive Dana Renee Wasdin and the two share a 4-year-old son.


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In the 2000s, Christy was one of the biggest stars on Disney Channel, playing Ren Stevens on Even Stevens alongside Shia LaBeouf for three seasons and a subsequent TV movie. She then voiced the titular character from the animated series Kim Possible from 2002 to 2007.

To this day, Disney fans continue to request a reboot of the animated action comedy-adventure, which followed a teenage girl tasked with fighting crime. During Christy's interview with E! News, she was asked about a fan who tweeted that Kim Possible should have lasted "way more than four seasons," to which the actress laughed and responded, "We know this."

She added, "but even more important to me is that this a legacy I get to have with my kids."

"I can't be the one that explains to Disney that there is an entire marketplace of people that would love to see the cartoon come back in its original form," she said. "That joy that we brought you back in the day, we would be able to bring that again."

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While Christy would be down for revisiting Kim Possible, one thing she doesn't want to see come back in style is her character's signature outfits, which include crop tops and belly-baring bottoms.

"I've had two babies," she quipped. "We will not be going back to the very very very low-rise jeans, thank you very much."