How Pete Davidson Is Bonding With Girlfriend Kim Kardashian's Kids

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are getting more serious by the moment, with the comedian recently spending even more time with her and her four kids. Find out why a source says Kim is "grateful."

By Kisha Forde Jun 07, 2022 3:00 PMTags
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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson's relationship is beyond just skimming the surface.
After the Saturday Night Live star and SKIMS founder began dating late last year, the two have seemed to be practically inseparable as their romance continues to flourish. Now, as a source close to the mom of four exclusively tells E! News, the timeframe of Pete getting to know North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm (whose dad is Kanye West) has been a "natural progression" within their relationship.
"Pete and Kim's relationship has become more serious, and Kim feels very comfortable allowing Pete to be around the kids and has spent a lot of time with them recently," the insider exclusively tells E! News. "Kim didn't want to force anything and loves that it has been a natural progression. She loves that she can trust Pete to take them to do activities on his own."
As for time spent with Kim's four kids, the insider explained, "It takes a lot of stress off of her and their relationship. She thinks it's really cute and is grateful how seamless it's been. Pete is really good around the kids, and they all love him."

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But, Kim's kids aren't the only ones in her life that enjoy having the actor around. As a second source close to the Kardashians star tells E! News, he's a big hit with everyone closest to her—including family and friends alike.

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"Everyone loves having Pete around," the second insider noted. "He's so much fun and brings such a positive and loving vibe. Kim is so grateful for how easy he's made this and how understanding he is of everyone's feelings."
As fans keeping up with Kim and Kanye may note: Earlier this year, there were a few bumps in the co-parenting road surrounding the former couple, especially when it came to Kim's growing relationship with Pete. However, as the second insider notes, the comedian has been careful with taking baby steps since he "wants to make sure everyone is comfortable."


"He's been very respectful with boundaries," the source continued. Echoing that he is "hanging out with the kids more frequently," the insider also explained, "At the same time, he knows his place and gives them space to do family things without him. They all love spending time together and it's been great for them to start to get to know one another."
As the second source noted, Pete's relationship with Kim's kids came easy since he's a "big kid at heart." And far as the future goes, Pete already has a little game plan.

"He has ideas of things he wants to do with them," the source said, adding that he "can't wait to make it all happen." Simply put, as they noted, "It's all going very well."

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