It's Going to Be a One Tree Hill "Season of Nakedness!"

We chat with the cast about what to expect in a revamped season seven

By Megan Masters Aug 03, 2009 8:00 PMTags
Robert Buckley (Lipstick Jungle), James Lafferty (One Tree Hill)NBC, The WB/Fred Norris

Here's a riddle for you: Is life in Tree Hill still possible if Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Peyton (Hilarie Burton) no longer exist?

Answer: If the sweet and adorable Sophia Bush is involved, absolutely!

We're not saying One Tree Hill will be the exact same show we've all known and tolerated—er, loved for the past six seasons, but bringing in some new, pretty people (hello, Robert Buckley!) and keeping the best character onboard (that would be one Brooke Davis) definitely can't hurt.

Curious to see what's going on with the new season, E! News checked in with the cast on the set in North Carolina to get the inside scoop on the revamped series.

Click in for a dose of Haley, Nathan, Mouth and everything else you're dying to know about OTH...

The season of nakedness seems to begin with Mouth and Millie. Lisa Goldstein and Lee Norris tells us that the adorkable duo are still on the fast track to love, including lots of skin and lots of lovin'. Lee says that while Mouth "hasn't changed dramatically since season six...There will be shirts and other things taken off this season. [It's] the season of nakedness on One Tree Hill, so look out!"

Robert Buckley and James Lafferty are stripping down too, right? Says Lee, "We've got all these beefcakes walking around, and I'm the guy they want to get naked?" Don't worry, Robert did spill on some signature toplessness of his own.

"I've heard there may be some shirtless jogging between myself and James," says Robert. Whew! Double the yumminess in Tree Hill.

Lisa also chatted about the ways her girl won't be taking a back seat to anyone this season: "Millicent's always been kind of a shy, insecure girl, but I think this season she's going to take the reigns and be more outgoing and confident."

Looks like the tables are turning a bit, as Lee says that Mouth might run into a few bumps in the road:

"He's a reporter, so he's going to have some interesting things coming his way—what's the right thing to do for his job?" Lee continues: "How can he keep his friends but maybe report about some of his friends who might be in trouble this season? He's got a lot of moral dilemmas coming his way."

Is he possibly hinting at Nathan's new spot in the NBA? If we base our opinions off of James' take on things, it definitely seems like it.

"There are going to be a lot of challenges that Nathan faces as a direct result of him being in the NBA,"  He's going to be a target. He's going to have to deal with fame, so he's going to have to protect himself and his family from it, so I think it's going to be interesting." Oh the life of a superstar.

Haley will have something to occupy her time when new castmember, Shantel VanSanten, comes on as her older sister, Quinn. Anytime a new girl moves to Tree Hill, she's always trouble, right? "I'm a photographer, very artistic and married," says VanSanten. "I come back to Haley's life to cause some drama and stir up some energy." So typical.

At least we'll like sexy newbie Robert's character, sports agent, Clay. "You see him [as] a good friend of Nathan's, but at the same time, that's his client, so it's that balance of ‘Yeah we're pals, but I'm also responsible for making sure you have food on the table for your wife and kids,' " explains Robert. "It's a fun conflict of interest between the two, but we're going to make sure the fans like this guy." Wonder which lovely lady he'll set his sights on? 

Nakedness. Drama. Sounds like the same ol' One Tree Hill to us...maybe even (dare we say it?) sexier?!

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