Watch Bob Saget Give Relationship Advice in Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? Sneak Peek

By Paige Strout Jun 03, 2022 9:54 PMTags
Watch: Nikki Glaser Receives Dating Advice From Bob Saget

This week's Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? episode stars a very special guest.

Filmed before his death on Jan. 9, E! News' exclusive sneak peek features actor and comedian Bob Saget giving his friend and fellow comedian Nikki Glaser advice about her on-again, off-again relationship with Chris Convy.

"I've been dating recently, and I'm thinking about getting back together with my ex-boyfriend," Nikki tells Bob. "But I'm also like, ‘Should I go back out there?'"

She asks him when he knew his wife, Kelly Rizzo, was "the one." Bob says that after his split from ex-wife Sherri Kramer in 1997, he believed he was never "gonna meet anybody ever again."

Introduced through a mutual friend, Bob said that he and Kelly quickly hit it off and went on their first date in Las Vegas two weeks later. The pair got married in 2018.

"What's the age difference there? Can you reveal that to me?" Nikki asks.

"84 years," the comedian says without missing a beat.

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Channeling his beloved Full House character Danny Tanner, Bob asks Nikki, "Do you love your ex?"

"Yes," she says, "but my issue with him is that I need us to be able to communicate better, and I feel like we don't have the tools for that."

The thing that keeps Nikki and Chris coming back to each other? "If I'm gonna be honest," she says, "[it's] the sex."


"Even I would like to have sex with him," Bob jokes. Wrapping up their talk, he offers to find someone for her if things with Chris don't work out.

"I love you, Bob," Nikki tells him. "I'll do anything for you."

"I love you, too," he replies, but not before adding, "Tell your mom I miss her. She'll know what I mean!"

Following his death earlier this year, Nikki shared her love for the late star on Instagram. She also recorded and released a song titled "Song for Bob," written by musician Matt Pond, in honor of her friend.

Check out the full clip above, and tune in to Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? Sunday at 10 p.m. on E!.