See The Boys Stars React to Charlize Theron's Unexpected Cameo

Blown away by Charlize Theron's cameo in season three of The Boys? You're not alone. Chace Crawford, Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Karen Fukuhara and others weigh in on this A-list appearance.

By Alyssa Ray Jun 04, 2022 4:00 PMTags
Watch: The Boys Cast REACTS to That Charlize Theron Cameo

(Warning: the below features spoilers for The Boys season three.)

What's more super than The Boys returning on Prime Video? A Charlize Theron cameo in the season three premiere.

The Oscar-winning actress appears in the opening scene of episode one as herself. She's playing the role of Stormfront in the Vought Studios action film Dawn of the Seven, which sees the company rewriting its history with the real Stormfront (Aya Cash), who was revealed to be a Nazi at the end of season two.

Homelander (Antony Starr) fights Theron's Stormfront, rather than defend her as he did last season. Theron is on-screen for maybe a minute, leaving us thoroughly impressed that showrunner Eric Kripke landed the acting icon for the cameo.

And, we're not the only ones, as the stars of The Boys—including Chace Crawford, Jensen Ackles, Karl Urban, Jack Quaid and Karen Fukuhara—couldn't help but gush to E! News about the A-list, albeit brief, addition to their cast.

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For Urban, who plays supe hater William "Billy" Butcher, Theron's cameo left him feeling "stoked."

"Having Charlize on the show just helps transcend the boundary between the fictional world of The Boys and the reality that we all live in," he told E! News. "So huge kudos, and we were so grateful to have her."

Quaid, who plays Hugh "Hughie" Campbell Jr., felt similarly, revealing that he's a "gigantic fan" of Theron's: "We've all been on the show from season one, and to see people we really respect and admire want to be a part of our show—even if it's just for like a few lines or for a little cameo—that means so much to us."

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Crawford, who plays superhero The Deep, revealed that he was equally shocked by Theron's participation, joking, "Whose favor did they have to call in for her?" (For the record, Theron is friends with and a former co-star of Seth Rogen, who executive produces the Prime Video series.)

Ackles, a newcomer to the Boys cast, had an equally funny reaction. Not only did Ackles tease that Kripke threw Theron "a bone," but he quipped, "She has really, really been struggling recently. And it's nice to see her back."

Hey, we wouldn't be able to process having Theron as a co-star either!

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Yet, there was one downside to Theron's cameo: She filmed her scene away from a large chunk of the cast.

Fukuhara told E! News, "I'm just sad I wasn't on set with her. I heard it was a huge day with a green screen. But she killed it as Stormfront."

New episodes of The Boys arrive Fridays on Prime Video.

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