Physical Season 2 Sneak Peek: Danny Tells Sheila He Can Change

As tension arises in their marriage, Danny (Rory Scovel) tells Sheila (Rose Byrne) he can change. Find out what happens next in an exclusive sneak peek at season two of Physical.

By Jillian Fabiano Jun 01, 2022 3:00 PMTags

Season two of Physical is on its way, and Sheila has a bone to pick with Danny.

The second season of Physical—starring Rose Byrne and Rory Scovel—premieres June 3 on Apple TV+. This season finds Ruth, who has successfully launched her first fitness video, torn between loyalty to her husband and the values he represents, and a dangerous attraction to someone else.

And in an E! News exclusive sneak peek at the season's premiere, we get a first look at Sheila trying to have a serious conversation with her husband, Danny. 

"I need to talk to you," Sheila says to Danny in the clip, before telling herself, "Say it: how you feel, what you need."

"I didn't mean to blurt all those things out last night," she says, with Danny responding, "don't apologize."

"I wasn't going to, but we need to find time to sit down and—" Sheila continues before her husband interrupts her. 

"You don't need to because you were right to say those things, I heard you," he tells her.

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But while Sheila tries to continue her train of thought, saying "I haven't even told you," Danny doesn't let her get a word in. "You need to see a change in me," he tells his wife. "And that's exactly what you're going to see."

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As the clip continues, Danny admits that he is wrong.

"Babe, I've been a jerk. Why? 'Cuz I'm allowed to be by the cruel and unfair male chauvinist system that yes, I actively participated in, but that stops now," he says. "Starting today, I'm gonna do my part, pick up the slack for my gender, whatever it takes. The cooking, the cleaning, Maya's school. I'm setting you free."

He adds, "It's your turn to be the bread winner, it's my turn to slice it up and toast it. But I don't want you to take my word for it, OK? I'm gonna prove it to you. I'm gonna walk the walk to show you that I can change."

Has Danny actually changed for the better?

Find out when season two of Physical premieres June 3 on Apple TV+.

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