Gotham Knights' First Trailer Kicks Off With Batman's Death

The new trailer for The CW's Gotham Knights features the demise of Bruce Wayne—and that's just the beginning. Watch Gotham's newest band of misfits come together here.

By Daniel Trainor May 31, 2022 10:32 PMTags
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We've heard of starting things with a bang, but this is extreme—even for Batman.

The trailer for Gotham Knights, premiering in 2023 on The CW, opens with Harvey Dent (Misha Collins) delivering some bad news to the Caped Crusader's son Turner (Oscar Morgan). "It's your father," Harvey says. "He's dead."

And it only gets crazier from there.

"My father believed that each of us could become a light and bring a new dawn to Gotham," Turner says at his father's memorial service. But his hopes are fleeting, as, after Bruce Wayne's death, the city of Gotham devolves into chaos and everybody becomes a suspect—including Batman's own son.

Harvey and Gotham PD bring in Turner and a group of potential suspects, including the Joker's daughter Duela (Olivia Rose Keegan). Turner is forced to choose between aligning himself with the outcasts or sticking on the side of Harvey and the cops. 

Come on, this is Batman's son. You know already know what decision he makes.

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After joining the crew, Turner gets some help from Carrie Kelley (a.k.a. Robin)—played by Navia Ziraili Robinson—who had a history with Batman, unbeknownst to his son. "I was your dad's eyes and ears," she tells Turner.

Once the Gotham Knights join forces, the mission becomes clear.

"We can't prove we're not killers by killing someone," Turner says. "We have to stick together, find out who killed my dad and clear our names. Because we all deserve justice."

Something tell us that might be easier said than done. But we're very ready for the ride. In meantime, check out the trailer and get a sneak peek at the Batcave.

Gotham Knights will premiere on The CW in 2023.

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