How Dr. Jill Biden and President Joe Biden Use "Fexting" to Avoid Arguing in Front of Secret Service

Even the first couple has its moments! Dr. Jill Biden and President Joe Biden have a special way of handling their differences in an under-the-radar fashion. Learn all about "fexting."

By Kelly Gilmore May 31, 2022 9:20 PMTags
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All couples butt heads, but the Bidens have a presidential way to hash it out.

In an interview with Harper's Bazaar published May 31, Dr. Jill Biden shared that even she and President Joe Biden have disagreements—but they have a special way of hashing things out.

Their method of choice? "Fexting," as the first lady explained in the publication's June/July 2022 Freedom Issue.

She shared that she and her husband handle their spats by texting each other rather than fighting in front of the Secret Service. And it seems Dr. Biden knows very well how to get her point across to President Biden via SMS.

She recalled a time when she typed out a message to him in a moment of anger. "Joe said, ‘You realize that's going to go down in history,'" she shared. "'There will be a record of that.'"

As for what she wrote in that text message, Dr. Biden teased, "I won't tell you what I called him that time."

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But despite knowing how to fext very well, Dr. Biden also shared that she knows how to be a support system for her spouse.

"I try to be a support for Joe, because I don't know how many people are saying to him, ‘That was great. That was brilliant,'" she explained. "I try to be that person for him. Some days, I see Joe and I'm just like, ‘I don't know how you're doing it.'"

Dr. Biden and President Biden tied the knot in 1977. And while new milestones are exciting, like when the former Vice President became president of the United States in November 2020, POTUS has shared that he does miss certain aspects of his old life, like spending quality time together.

"I miss her. I'm really proud of her. But it's not like we can just go off like we used to," he told Vogue in June. "When we were living in Delaware and married, once a month we'd just go up to a local bed-and-breakfast by ourselves, to make sure we had a romantic time to just get away and hang out with each other."

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While President Biden is busy… well, being president, Dr. Biden has a jam-packed agenda of her own as FLOTUS and an educator at Northern Virginia Community College—a job she has held since 2009, per NPR.

"She's been traveling all over the country," he explained to Vogue. "And doing major events for me…and for the country. And so I'll find that I'm working on a hell of an important speech and I'm distracted. And then I may not be working on one and I want to go and hang out with her, and she's working on an important speech! Or grading papers."

At the time, Dr. Biden agreed that they have to make an extra effort with their demanding lives, adding, "Well, it's true because we're both so busy. And so we have to, I think, try a little harder to make time for one another."

She went on to add that having dinner is a key opportunity to have a moment together.

"Sometimes we eat on the balcony; last night we ate in the yellow Oval, upstairs," she noted. "It's just part of the day that we set apart, and we still light the candles, still have the conversations, still put the phones away."

And with phones strictly away, at least we know that means there's no fexting over dinner!

Harper's Bazaar's June/July 2022 Freedom Issue hits newsstands on June 7.