Lindsay Lohan, Tom Green

Karl/Tony/, Chris Haston/NBC

All you Tom Green fans out there—and we were made aware that there's a ton of you out there—are apparently resting easy, since reports of Green's death this week are untrue. Tom, 'course, took to his blog to deny he had any part of this rumor, and we sure hope T.G.'s telling the truth that he had nothing to do with this badly timed fib.

We'll give Tom the benefit of the doubt on this one, since he def strikes us as the type of guy who wants full credit for his unfunny pranking, even if it's absolutely atrocious. We may not be big fans of Green's, but good to hear he's still alive!

But if he is lying...

I mean, who's to know with any prankster, right? And it raises the question, does a celeb who makes a stupid mistake have to merely say, "Oops, I was hacked!" for all to be immediately forgiven?

How are we even supposed to know real hackers from celebs trying to backtrack on their foibles, like that lame time Lindsay Lohan claimed her Twitter was hacked when she outed Justin Timberlake allegedly cheating on Jessica Biel?

Are we supposed to believe L2 wouldn't spontaneously tweet without thinking first, just like she claimed she accidentally wore somebody else's coke-filled pants?

Blame Lohan for crying wolf too many times! She's ruined mistweetment for everyone else!

—Additional reporting by Becky Bain

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