Paris Hilton, Kathy Griffin

ODuran/Fame Pictures

You all loved our last Paris Hilton skewering after that total denunciation of sinful oral exploits she shared with the world on Kathy Griffin's Life on the D-List. Well, Kath, the generous babe she is, offered some behind-the-scenes goodies on working with Pare-poo in her too-funny comedy act, which we checked out at Mandelay Bay in Vegas over the holiday weekend.

Kath did commend Paris for being extremely nice to work with, but that's where the compliments pretty much ended:

Besides Kath commenting on Par's motherly advice about ugly girls and oral doings—that she never got a blow job talk from her mom when she was growing up, sadly—the funniest thing that struck her about P.H. was the totally fake voice she turns on whenever the cameras are rolling.

In real life "she has total drag queen voice," spat out Kath, who said that "baby accent" is all for show.

And to get Paris on the D-List at all, K.G. had to agree to appear on Par's BFF show. Tho most would have rather tested out Lindsay's spray-tan line than have anything to do with that boob-tube bomb, Kathy was totally game.

She recalled that on the set, Paris had an earpiece in her ear the whole time, with an offcamera dude giving her line readings, since she could barely remember even two-line sentences. (Is that why she has such short-term memory of her sex tape?) Guess the baby voice extends to having an infant's vocabulary!

Wonder who was on the other end of that headset—could it be Hilton's back-on dud BF Doug Reinhardt? Now that they're back together, can Kathy include Doug in her next set, or is the dude so much of a joke already there's nothing else to add?

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