Lala Kent Says Randall Emmett Had Her "Watched" and Threatened to Call Cops on Her

Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent leveled several new accusations against her ex-fiancé Randall Emmett, including that he had her "watched" when they were still together.

By Allison Crist May 26, 2022 9:28 PMTags

Lala Kent is once again discussing her tumultuous relationship and subsequent breakup with Randall Emmett

The Vanderpump Rules star appeared on Jeff Lewis Live earlier this week, recounting what she said was a particularly "horrific" time period with her ex-fiancé. The couple had just welcomed their first child, a daughter named Ocean, when one day, Lala said she came across photos of Randall in Nashville with other women. 

"It was him just walking across the street with two girls, and my intuition was just like, you couldn't ignore it," Lala recalled. "I immediately was sick to my stomach." 

Beginning to believe that Randall "is not who you think he is," Lala said she started to carve out plans to leave him on October 15. However, it wasn't until October 27 that she and Ocean finally departed Randall's house for good.  

"He went to Miami," Lala said, explaining she had purposefully waited until Randall was out of town to leave. "I packed my stuff and he found out the next day. I got a lot of text messages. Because, you know, he wasn't letting me leave the house with Ocean during those 12 days."

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According to Lala, it was also during that 12-day period between Oct. 15 and 27 that Randall "would threaten to call the police if I didn't return [Ocean]." 

"He would give me time periods that I could take her," Lala said. "I don't think he knew I was leaving; I think he needed to regain control of me."

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Lala then detailed the day she and Ocean left Randall's house once and for all.

"We [moved me out] quick," she recalled. "I was worried that he was having me watched, which he did send people to watch. Luckily, they didn't watch me move out. I packed my stuff probably in four hours."

A spokesperson for Randall told E! News, "These claims are completely fabricated, and it's disappointing that Lala continues to make up stories eight months after their break-up."

News of the couple's split was first made public in October. Since then, Lala has made several cheating allegations and accused Randall of creating a "toxic environment" for her and Ocean while they were still living together.

Today, the former couple "parallel parents" 13-month-old Ocean, Lala said on Watch What Happens Live in April. However, in an ideal world, she'd "move to zero contact." 

Lala didn't elaborate on their current arrangement, but she previously explained that she and Randall communicate exclusively through an app "and it has just to do with Ocean."

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Randall, for his part, has remained relatively silent about the breakup, although he did appear on Golnesa Gharachedaghi's Genuinely GG podcast in March. There, he said he's "optimistic" that he and Lala will get to a better place in the future. And while he didn't address her cheating allegations, he did say for the first time that both he and Lala made "mistakes" and "there's always two sides to every story." 

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