Josh Duggar’s Cousin Amy King Says His 12-Year Prison Sentence Is "Not Enough"

After Josh Duggar was sentence to 12-and-a-half years in prison over his child pornography case, the TLC alum’s cousin Amy King expressed her outrage that he wasn’t given more time.

By Ashley Joy Parker May 26, 2022 10:53 AMTags
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Reacting to Josh's punishment, Amy told E! News, "Josh has never truly repented or has truly been sorry for his heinous actions. And now it's finally caught up to him."

She also told Celebuzz, "Twelve and a half years isn't enough, but I hope that every single second he's there feels like an eternity."

In addition, Amy expanded her thoughts in an Instagram video, saying she could "breathe" knowing that Josh—who shares seven children with his wife Anna Duggar—would be serving hard time.

"I know him getting the maximum sentence wasn't going to be the easiest to prove since it's his first offense in the judge's eyes, which I hate," she told her followers on May 25. "But at the same time, he cannot have his computer. He cannot hurt, exploit other children and, when he sees his kids, he has to be supervised."

In the video, Amy also pointed out several blemishes on her face, explaining that the stress of situation has taken a toll on her skin.

"This is raw. This is real. This is hurtful and stressful and my face just proves it," she shared. "I don't think my face has ever looked like this in its life but it's because it's so severe and it's just so heartbreaking." 

Amy went on to thank her followers for "all the support" and "all the love.

"Hopefully, tonight I can sleep for the first time ever and just be rest assured that another monster will be put behind bars," she added. "Makes my heart feel just a little lighter."

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Amy previously spoke out ahead of Josh's December convictions, asking her followers to "pray that the judge will give the ultimate sentence."

"Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord, I will repay thee," Amy wrote, quoting the Bible, in a Nov. 30 Instagram Story. "Please pray for the victims and for the truth to be revealed."

Earlier this month, Amy penned an open letter to Josh's wife—who has stuck by his side——and told her that she's "being surrounded by the wrong kind of support."

"If no one else in your life is saying it, I need you to understand that there is no shame in divorcing Josh," Amy wrote to Anna on Instagram. "Someday your kids will be old enough to understand what kind of guy their father really is. You can't protect them from the truth for forever!"  

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