Here's What Ice-T Really Thinks of Critics Questioning Why His 6-Year-Old Is in a Stroller

After Ice-T and Coco made waves for putting their 6-year-old daughter, Chanel, in a stroller, the rapper has given his opinion on the headline-making moment.

By Kelly Gilmore May 25, 2022 12:04 AMTags
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Ice-T's response to parenting shamers is cold as ice.

The "Mind Over Matter" rapper and his wife, Coco Austin, received major backlash for letting their 6-year-old daughter, Chanel, ride around in a stroller while on a trip to Atlantis Bahamas, and CNN even covered the story.

"Lol… CNN? Really?" the rapper wrote in a May 24 tweet. "MFs ain't got shit else to talk about.. F em all. Smh. Lol."

The social media uproar began when Coco posted a mirror selfie with her family during their trip to the Caribbean. In the group picture, Chanel can be seen looking unamused while seated in a stroller.

"Chanel is so over it unless theres something cool to see.. Her face transitions instantly," she wrote on her May 22 post. In the next photo, the little girl is indeed all smiles as she stands in front of an ornate sculpture with Mom.

And while it seems the family was simply enjoying their time together, some fans in the comment section couldn't push past their parenting choice.

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One user wrote, "Isn't she like 6 yrs old! Should she be out of a stroller by now?!" Another chimed in, adding, "She looks like she's over being in a baby stroller."

Other users came to the couple's defense, with one writing, "Why are people complaining about the stroller? You going to pick her up when she gets tired? Its not like she has a bottle and a pacifier. Relax."

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It's not the first time people have offered unsolicited parenting advice to Coco and Ice-T.

Back in August, Ice-T addressed social media shamers after fans had plenty to say about Coco's choice to continue breastfeeding Chanel, who was 5 at the time.

"News Flash!" he wrote in a Aug. 4 tweet. "We feed Chanel FOOD... She just likes to suck moms [sic] boob every now and then... Me Too!!!"

Then in September, the Law & Order: SVU actor came to his wife's defense again after she received criticism for letting Chanel wear nail tips for school picture day.

"Rule 1: Do not pay attention to anything anyone says on the Internet," he declared during an appearance on The View. "Worry about the people who walk up to you and say things in your real life. Those are the people you should be concerned with."

The rapper later added, "Every house has its own constitution. We're doing okay. Our baby's okay."