You’ll Never Guess Where Kim Kardashian Learned She Passed the Baby Bar

On the May 19 episode of The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian found out that she had passed the Baby Bar exam while sitting in a very unusual spot. Learn about the sea-worthy location below!

By Emlyn Travis May 19, 2022 6:08 PMTags
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The world is Kim Kardashian's lobster…literally! 

During the May 19 episode of The Kardashians, Kim learned that she had officially passed California's Baby Bar exam on her fourth attempt in a very unexpected location: the parking lot of a Red Lobster.  

While celebrating the news on FaceTime with friends, including her law professor Chuck Shonholtz, Kim revealed, "I'm at Red Lobster. North [West] won her first basketball game ever and we came to Red Lobster and I'm in the car being like, ‘I can't wait any longer.'" 

The SKIMS founder then cheered, "Holy s--t! Sorry girls. We did it!" 

Before finding out the good news, Kim and North were out to eat with friends at the popular seafood chain. However, after learning that her results had been posted online, they all quickly moved to Kim's car to hear whether she had passed the exam.  

"I go in the car because, if I'm upset, I don't want to have everyone stare," Kim explained in a confessional. "You're only allowed to take the Baby Bar a certain amount of times. This was the last time I could ever take it, so if I don't then this law school journey is over for me." 

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While she waited for the website to load, Kim began to grow increasingly more worried about whether she had actually passed, sharing, "I just feel like I didn't."  

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However, her concerns disappeared when the good news was confirmed. "I passed!" Kim screamed. "Wait! Is this real?" 

As North began to congratulate her mom from the backseat, Kim burst into tears as she remarked, "I'm so happy. Like, I literally didn't think I did." 

Kim and North then shared an extra sweet mother-daughter moment as they high fived before entering the restaurant to finish their meal. "High five!" Kim cheered. "Big wins today for me and you." Cheddar bay biscuits, anyone?

Kim previously confirmed that she had passed the Baby Bar in a December Instagram post

"For anyone who doesn't know my law school journey, know this wasn't easy or handed to me," she wrote in part. "I failed this exam 3 times in 2 years, but I got back up each time and studied harder and tried again until I did it!!! (I did have COVID on the 3rd try w a 104 fever but I'm not making excuses)." 

Kim also noted that her late father, attorney Robert Kardashian, would've been "so proud" of her and "would have been my best study partner." She added, "I am told he was notorious for making fun of people who didn't pass on their first attempt like he did, but he would have been my biggest cheerleader!" 

The lawyer-to-be then concluded her post, "Bottom line is don't ever give up even when you are holding on by a thread, you can do it!!!!! Set your mind to it and get it done because it feels soooooo good once you get to the other side!" 

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