Harry Styles Responds to Rumored Connection Between His and Taylor Swift’s Songs “Daylight”

Harry Styles addressed a fan theory on The Howard Stern Show that his new song "Daylight" is about Taylor Swift since she has a song with the same name. Read his short and sweet response below!

By Emlyn Travis May 19, 2022 4:36 PMTags
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Harry Styles is shedding some light on the inspiration behind his one of his latest singles.

On May 18, the "As It Was" singer stopped by The Howard Stern Show to discuss his upcoming third album, titled Harry's House. Ahead of the album's May 20 release date, the 28-year-old played a few tracks from it, including "Daylight." 

After hearing the track, host Howard Stern mentioned a fan theory online that "Daylight" could be somehow linked to Taylor Swift's 2019 song of the same name. As it turns out, Harry didn't have any time when it came to any romantic speculation about the track. He jokingly replied, "Here we go." 

When pressed by the host if the song was really about Taylor, Harry immediately shut down the idea. 

"You're reading too much into it," he responded. "You know I'd love to tell you that you're spot on, but I can't. No, sorry." 

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Howard remarked, "I wonder who this woman was," to which Harry sagely replied, "We will always wonder."


But, if you're wondering about Harry and Taylor's relationship, then we've got you covered: The pair originally dated back in 2012. While they ultimately decided to go their separate ways—Harry is now dating Olivia Wilde, while Taylor is in a relationship with Joe Alwyn—their brief romance seemingly spawned a few songs including Taylor's track "Style" and One Direction's hit "Perfect." 

And since then, the pair appear to be on good terms. Last year, the friendly exes were spotted chatting at the 2021 Grammys and Taylor was one of the first people to stand up and applaud for Harry when he received his first award for Best Pop Solo Performance.  

However, when it comes to naming their songs, well, that appears to just be a coincidence. During the interview, Harry described his version of "Daylight" as being about an "infatuation" with someone.  

Instead of dropping any names, the singer, who prefers to keep his dating life private, gave a bit of insight into the songwriting process for the track. 

"'Daylight' was quite an early song on the album. It was it's one of my favorites and it was kind of a stream of consciousness writing that happened kind of late," he said. "This very much felt like, 'OK, we have to find a way to finish this. Now.'" 

Harry added, "We did an all-nighter. We finished it. Went out to the beach to watch the sun come up. And it was a nice moment." 

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