Nick Jonas and Shakira Explain Why NBC's Dancing With Myself Is a Must-Watch

Nick Jonas, Shakira and Liza Koshy are teaming up for a brand-new dance competition series, Dancing With Myself. Hear all about it in E! News' exclusive interview.

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We're already a sucker for Nick Jonas and Shakira's new competition series, and it hasn't even premiered yet. 

The pair is set to star on NBC's Dancing With Myself alongside Liza Koshy, and they gave E! News the inside scoop on what's to come during NBCUniversal's upfronts presentation on May 18.

According to Shakira, the premise of the show—groups of everyday people competing in a series of high-energy dance challenges each week—was inspired by the popularity of viral dance routines on social media apps like TikTok.

"After the pandemic, we noticed that there were so many people dancing in their living rooms and trying to express their love for dance," she explained. "So we thought this would be the perfect show to give the opportunity to a lot of people who aren't professionals—or who are professionals, everybody—to have access to a platform like this one, and to showcase not only the talent, but the passion for dance."

Dancing With Myself's contestants won't necessarily be judged on their abilities, either—more like their ability to entertain and be themselves. 

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Take it from Nick. "The thing that I was most drawn to about it was the fact that you don't have to be a pro or the best in the room to potentially win the competition," he said. "You just see so much personality come out of each of these performers." 

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His official role on the show, along with Shakira and Liza's, will be "creator." The trio will not act as judges or coaches, per se—Dancing With Myself is a fan-voted series—but they will be on-hand to demonstrate the dance challenges' choreography each week.

"Fortunately, we're not the judges," Shakira said. "It is a competition and the audience decides who stays and who leaves."

Dancing With Myself premieres Tuesday, May 31, but in the meantime, you can expect Nick to be brushing up on his moves.  "My brothers and I don't really dance," the Jonas Brothers member said, "but I have done a little bit here and there, so I was happy to learn a lot from Shakira this time around. And Liza, who's great."

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According to Shakira, Nick can even do a great belly roll! And her hips don't lie.

Hear more from the pair in the above E! News interview, and don't miss the premiere of NBC's Dancing With Myself, airing right after the two-hour premiere of America's Got Talent season 17.

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