This Is Us' Mandy Moore Gave This Warning Ahead of Series Finale

Mandy Moore teased This Is Us' series finale, which series creator Dan Fogelman describes as "very different" from the penultimate episode.

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This Is Us continues to take viewers on a rollercoaster of emotions.

In the second to last episode of the series, Mandy Moore's character, Rebecca Pearson, dies surrounded by her family. Suffice to say it was a heartbreaking moment for Randall (Sterling K. Brown), Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Kate (Chrissy Metz). 

But Mandy promises that the series finale won't be anywhere near as sad. In fact, she warned viewers not to expect every loose end to be resolved. "People waiting for things to be tied up perfectly in a bow with every single character and every single story need to abandon that idea," she explained to Entertainment Weekly, "because that's not the reality of life anyway."

In some regards, it has to be this way, she said, because the Pearson family doesn't just stop existing when the show ends. As Mandy said, "You finish telling one person's story and it's like, 'Yeah, but they have children or they will continue having a life. And their children will have children will have children. This story could just go on forever and ever and ever.'"

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Nonetheless, she said the "simplicity" of the final episode is going "to feel like a warm hug for people," and creator Dan Fogelman agreed. 

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The series creator spoke to Deadline about the finale, saying it's "very different" from the penultimate episode. "While it will make you cry, it will make you sad, the end of the finale moves me in a way that is different," he said. "I think the cast and crew captured something about the human condition and the condition of being a person in the family that I am really proud of."

As for what will actually happen in the final episode, Fogelman shared that it will follow the Pearsons as they celebrate Rebecca's life with a funeral.

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And what comes after that? Well, Fogelman and the writers get to relax. While Seth Meyers joked at the NBC Upfronts there may be a spin-off title That Was Them, Fogelman said, "We really have no plans."

"People think they're going to announce the Avengers of This Is Us, like 12 different TV series about side characters," he joked. "But I feel like we ended this season properly and the way we set out to do and I think that will be it."

The This Is Us season finale airs May 24 on NBC.

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