Bling Empire’s Kim Lee Reveals Why She Stood Up Kevin Kreider

What was the deal with Kim Lee standing up Kevin Kreider on season two of Bling Empire? See what she had to say about it here.

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Warning: Contains spoilers from season two of Bling Empire.

Even Kim Lee is asking herself why she stood up Kevin Kreider!

During season two of Netflix's Bling Empire, Kevin asks Kim out on a date, but to his surprise: the DJ does not show up. In an E! News exclusive interview, Kim revealed why she left Kevin hanging. The answer? She "just got cold feet."

"I mean, listen," the reality star said, "at the end of the day, I guess I had a hard time just being honest with him in the very beginning. I don't know why I had some type of guilt. Like I should have just been straight up like 'Hey, I can't make it.'

She added that she didn't want to "reject" Kevin. "I don't know what I was thinking that day. I felt like it's just better if I not show up and act like something happened but that did not turn out good."

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But Kim learned a lesson from the experience.

"In the end, I realized it's just good to be straight up with a person," she explained. "I shouldn't have done that. So that was my fault."

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At the beginning of season two, it's clear that Kevin has feelings for Kim.

In the same interview, Kevin shared that he began viewing Kim as more than a friend "at the finale party of season one." 

"I would definitely say I felt a very strong magnetic pull towards Kim," Kevin shared. "Originally I was doing things just to be a friend and be there for someone and then when we started talking a little bit more, I saw a different side of Kim."

So where does the pair stand now? Well, Kevin says "you'd have to keep watching" to find out.

Bling Empire season two is available to stream on Netflix.

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