Chlöe Bailey Discusses Her Dating Life After Holding Hands with Gunna

Chlöe Bailey fueled romance rumors with Gunna earlier this year when they were spotted holding hands in Hollywood. Now, the "Have Mercy" singer is sharing how she's "learning the ways of men."

By Gabrielle Chung May 13, 2022 2:25 AMTags

Have mercy on Chlöe Bailey—she's admittedly a little new to the dating game.

The singer got candid about her love life in her cover story for Allure's June/July 2022 issue, sharing that since she was homeschooled during her teenage years, she never got a chance to date around and now finds herself "getting into that world and learning the ways of men."

"I present myself in my music videos as this really sensual girl, but when it comes to love and relationships, that's not how I am," she explained. "But that's what guys think of me sometimes. So, I've been pretty protective of my heart and figuring out guys' true intentions."

So, what kind of man is Chlöe looking for? "If their heart is made of gold, I'm so in," she said. "I just want them to appreciate my nerdy side, my work ethic, and be my best friend."

Describing herself as "not a person who bases [stuff] on outward appearance," the 23-year-old went on to say that her ideal partner "has to be someone who's really intellectual because that's sexy."

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"You can teach me things," she quipped to any prospective suitors, cheekily adding, "I know a lot."


And someone who appears to have piqued Chlöe's interest? Her "You & Me" collaborator Gunna.

After all, the pair were spotted holding hands in February during a shopping trip at the Hollywood clothing shop H.Lorenzo Men. For the occasion, Chlöe wore a plunging corset top, black cut-out skirt, metallic silver gloves and knee-high boots, while the 28-year-old rapper—born Sergio Kitchens—was seen in a baby blue leather jacket and jeans. The two stepped out in sunglasses, with Gunna holding a Goyard briefcase in one hand and Chlöe's palm in another.

The pair first sparked romance rumors last October, when they attended an Atlanta Hawks game together. In January, Gunna released their duet on his third studio album, DS4Ever, and was snapped celebrating the drop with Chlöe at a party in New York City.

When asked about their relationship status later that month, Gunna said he and Chlöe were "really close friends," though he admitted that he was "kind of shooting my shot a little bit" when they first met.

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"I'm growing into being ready [for a serious relationship] because I understand having a girlfriend or a wife, you gotta have stability," he told The Breakfast Club, adding that he sees himself settling down one day but "not right now, not today, not this moment."