Cheryl Burke Shares Why Deleting Social Media Was the Right Choice For Her

By Paige Strout May 11, 2022 8:02 PMTags

Cheryl Burke is offline, for now at least.

The Dancing With the Stars pro got real in an exclusive interview with E! News' Daily Pop about her physical and mental health journeys, including why she deleted her social media accounts.

"I am an addict, and sometimes, I'm addicted to, in a way, self-sabotage," she told hosts Justin Sylvester, Teri Hatcher and Loni Love on May 11. "It is not healthy for me because I will focus on just the one negative comment, and it'll ruin my day, still. So, until then, I might as well just lay off of it, right?"

Along with steering clear of Instagram and Twitter, Burke shared that "transcendental meditation" and therapy have helped her through a lot, including her recent divorce from actor Matthew Lawrence.

"I'm a huge advocate for therapy," she said, revealing that she and Lawrence went through couples therapy even before they were engaged.

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"Couples therapy isn't a guaranteed tool that will just be like, ‘Voila, you're ready to go,'" she said. "I think open communication is so important because we can get so hidden behind the feelings and the emotions that come up."

Burke filed for divorce from the Boy Meets World actor in February 2022 after three years of marriage. And though she comes from a divorced family herself, it doesn't make her situation any less painful.

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"I don't think I had any expectations other than the goal was never to get divorced, right?" Burke said. "I think with that comes sadness and pain and fear of being alone and having to kind of start a new chapter. Even though that can be exciting, it's also really sad. I'm still in the grieving process, at the moment."

She will explore these topics and more on her brand-new iHeartRadio podcast Burke In The Game, which launched on May 10.

"It's really nerve-wracking ‘cause I'm very vulnerable on Burke in the Game," she said. "It's all about what happens behind the dance floor and behind the mirror ball trophy—therapy, sex therapist. We're having a guest every single week, because I'm going through a divorce, right? With that comes lots of therapy."

Hinting at her return to DWTS—which is moving from ABC to Disney+—the pro dancer revealed who her next dream partner is.

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"Now that we're on streaming, Disney, Mickey Mouse, duh!," she joked. "And Goofy, I'll take both of them."

Check out her full interview in the clip above.

New episodes of Burke In The Game drop every Tuesday on iHeartRadio.