Why The Princess Diaries' Heather Matarazzo Feels “Cast Aside” After Years of Acting

In a series of posts shared to social media, Scream actress Heather Matarazzo shared a few honest thoughts about her current circumstances: "I truly feel at a f--king loss."

By Kisha Forde May 11, 2022 1:32 PMTags
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Fans are showering Heather Matarazzo with words of support after the actress opened up about her current frustrations.
On May 10, the Princess Diaries alum shared her sincere thoughts about feeling "cast aside" in a series of tweets, referring to her acting career. "I have hit my limit with Life today," she wrote. "I have hit my limit with whatever games the Universe is playing. I am done. I am tired. I truly feel at a f--king loss."
She continued, "I feel at a loss because I feel I have done THE WORK, for a long time, with no complaint. I have taken the disappointments, the rejections, etc., and maintained that rejection is redirection. I have had continual FAITH in the Universe, but today, something broke. I feel cast aside."
Noting that she "normally just keeps these feelings" to herself, Matarazzo—whose credits include roles in Welcome to the Dollhouse, The Princess Diaries and Scream 3shared, "I've given my life to acting for over 30 years and am done struggling just to survive. I just need a win. A life-changing win. Cause this ain't it."

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After Matarazzo expressed her feelings of being disheartened, tons of social media users rallied around the actress with words of encouragement. One person wrote, "I have no idea what you are going through, but I hope you know there is so much love out here for you and I hope you get that win you deserve soon."

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Another added, "Thank you for your honesty, Heather. I wish I had the words to make you feel better— but all I can say is that from a third party, your light shines bright, and I just know that it will land you in the right place." A third wrote, "You are an incredible talent and brave artist and a win for you is a win for us all."

In 2017, the actress also shared the ups and downs involved in her professional career in an interview with The Guardian.
"I don't know if I took a step back from Hollywood," she said. "Or Hollywood took a step back from me." The actress also shared that she previously considered suicide in 2009, after months of unsuccessful auditions. "I was like, ‘What kind of sick and twisted universe is this?'" she recalled. "The fact that I'm still here is a miracle in itself."

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As Matarazzo explained, she's aware that there's a misconception surrounding her craft, but is working hard to get through it. "Most people think that I probably get paid a lot of money. But I really don't, and most working actors don't," she noted. "I drive a beat-up f--king Prius and I just bought my first pair of new shoes in over two years. There is this ‘untouchable' and made-up image of actors, where they live this extravagant, beautiful life. But in reality, it's just not the experience."

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