Everything We Know About The Boys Season 3

Before The Boys, starring Chace Crawford and Karl Urban, returns to Prime Video on June 3, find out everything we know about season three here.

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The Boys are back in town.

The hit Prime Video drama series—starring Jack Quaid, Chace CrawfordKarl Urban, Antony Starr, Karen Fukuhara and Erin Moriarty—is returning to our small screens on June 3. And while we (im)patiently wait, we decided to gather up everything we know about season three so far. 

Back in March, the first teaser for the new season was released with images of Urban's character Billy the Butcher with glowing eyes, Fukuhara's character dancing and lots of fighting.

During an appearance at SXSW Festival in April, Urban teased what we can expect this season from Butcher and the rest of the gang. 

"In order to defeat the monster, do you become the monster?," Urban asked. "And I think that's one of the cool things about this season is every character is faced with that choice. How far are they willing to go? What line are they willing to cross in order to achieve what they want to achieve? For all the characters on the show, it creates a conflict and it's fun to see who actually ends up on whose side."

2022 TV Premiere Dates

Keep reading to find out everything we know about season three so far. 

Season 3 Gets a June Premiere Date

Season three of the action–drama seriesstarring Chace Crawford, Karl Urban and Antony Starr—premieres June 3 on Prime Video.

Jensen Ackles Joins the Cast

The Supernatural star is making his way to The Boys!

Jensen will star as Soldier Boy, a hero from the World War II era. Other newcomers include Miles Gaston Villanueva and Laurie Holden as Supersonic and Crimson Countess, respectively.

Chace Crawford Teases a "Weird" Season

Chace Crawford is warning fans that the upcoming season is going to be weirder than ever before. And it makes sense considering in the trailer, Crawford's character The Deep is seen making eye contact with an octopus while having sex. 

At the 2022 SXSW festival, Ackles said to Crawford, "I remember reading that stuff [in the script] and you sent me a text message, and I have to go find it, but I think it was something like, 'I don't know how I'm gonna be able to work after this.'"

"I think I did send that," Crawford replied.

Butcher May Be Getting Superpowers

On March 10, Prime Video tweeted a teaser poster Billy the Butcher (Urban) with yellow glowing eyes.

The caption read, "Soon, it'll be time to level the playing field."

Who would've thought that the man opposed to superheroes would become one?

There Will Be a Musical

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Karen Fukuhara, who plays Kimiko, confirmed that there will be a full-on musical with Tomer Capone's Frenchie—complete with music from Fred Astaire and Judy Garland—in season three.

Capone jokingly added that, "Dancing With the Stars ain't got s––t on us."

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