See Erika Jayne Shut Down a RHOBH Producer for Questioning Her Legal Woes

Erika Jayne is making new claims about her ongoing legal battle in this RHOBH season 12 sneak peek, but when Garcelle Beauvais and a producer start asking questions, she shuts them down.

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may not be a court of law, but Garcelle Beauvais is objecting to Erika Jayne's latest claims about her ongoing legal battle.

In the below sneak peek from the Bravo series' season 12 premiere, the two cast members are rehashing the events of last season, which largely focused on Erika's divorce from her now-estranged husband Tom Girardi and their subsequent legal woes. More specifically, Erika's expressing her disappointment with co-star Sutton Stracke, who she says "chose to repeat things and say things that have been disproven."

She then points to Sutton's previous comment about "the $20 million elephant in the room," which was seemingly in reference to Erika's businesses allegedly receiving more than $20 million in loans from Tom's law firm for several years (an accusation that was made in a motion filed by the bankruptcy trustee investigating Tom's assets, according to court documents obtained by E! News in June 2021).

"I never had it," Erika claims in the RHOBH preview. "It was never in my hands. It was never in my account."

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Garcelle isn't buying that, though. "Other than Erika saying that they've been disproven," she says in a confessional, "I've seen nothing—not in the paper, not in the blogs, nowhere. If this is true, why isn't it in the press?"

Erika continues to insist "the facts are in my favor," and that Sutton "spoke very strongly on things that have been disproven," but when a RHOBH producer asks how and when they were invalidated, Erika doesn't give a straight answer.

"I don't know," she tells the producer. "You'll have to go check all that s--t out, but it was disproven. So Bravo can do their due diligence. I don't really know."

Is this supposed proof available to the public? According to Erika, "Yeah, duh." And if anyone's interested in learning about her case, "Tell them to go f--king read everything that my lawyer has put out," she says to the producer. "They can answer their own f--king questions."

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Erika, meanwhile, is ready to move on. "It's just time to smile a little bit and have some fun," she tells Garcelle, who clearly still has her doubts. 

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