Benedict Cumberbatch Jokes Being Doctor Strange Is Harder Than Being a Mom in SNL Monologue

Ahead of Mother's Day, Benedict Cumberbatch hosted Saturday Night Live and jokingly shared that being Doctor Strange was just as difficult as motherhood. Watch his opening monologue below.

By Emlyn Travis May 08, 2022 6:20 PMTags

Benedict Cumberbatch unleashed a multiverse of hilariousness while hosting Saturday Night Live this week.  

On May 7, the Doctor Strange actor, 45, hosted the show for the second time and took a moment in his opening monologue to thank some of the incredible women in his life ahead of Mother's Day on May 8...and gave himself a pat on the back, too. 

Accompanied by soft piano music, "Little Benedict" gave a special shout-out to his wife, Sophie Hunter, who was in the audience during the show. The couple, who married in 2015, share three sons together: Christopher, 6, Hal, 5, and Finn, 3.

"I'm seriously in constant, constant awe of you. I mean, for a start, you gave birth to our three beautiful boys and that alone is a minor miracle as any woman will tell you," he said. "Meanwhile, according to you, I was off dressing up as a wizard."

The actor then jokingly claimed that the work he's been doing onscreen was equally as challenging as raising three kids. "Seriously, Sophie, I hope when you think about it, you realize that it evens out," he said. "Because if you think being a mum is hard, try doing this." 

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Benedict then channeled his inner Doctor Strange and pretended to open a portal with his hands. He added, "You're welcome."

The actor also thanked his mother for "always being there for me" throughout his life, sharing that "every time I had a problem, you had a solution."

That includes when Benedict "lost my two front teeth" and "was worried about being teased" by other kids, to which his mother told him, "It's OK, just try and smile without opening your mouth."

"It's great advice, but it also explains why to this day in every red carpet photograph, I'm smiling like this," he said, before showing a hilarious photo of himself giving the camera a crazed, tight-lipped grin.

Elsewhere in the show, the Power of the Dog star showed off his stunning falsetto in a hilarious sketch that featured him and Bowen Yang performing as an ‘80s pop duo at a Chuck E. Cheese.

As they sang about the eccentricities of the restaurant chain—which they described as a "liminal space between the mall and the highway"—they were joined onstage by Cecily Strong, Kenan Thompson and more.  

And, in another sketch, Benedict's world came crashing down when he was unable to differentiate between his Multiverse of Madness co-star Elizabeth Olsen and SNL cast member Chloe Fineman, who was performing a spot-on impression of the actress.  

"Oh my God," he exclaimed. "The multiverse is real." 

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