The Ultimatum's Madlyn & Colby Reveal Baby Girl's Name & What's Next for Their Family

The Ultimatum's Madlyn Ballatori gave birth to her baby girl on May 2. And in an E! exclusive interview, Madlyn and Colby Kissinger share all the details on their new lives as parents.

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Pop some champagne and break out the silver glasses: It's a cowgirl! 

On May 2, The Ultimatum's Madlyn Ballatori gave birth to her daughter Josephine Riley Kissinger—Josie for short—with husband Colby Kissinger at 7:25 AM. And in an E! News exclusive interview, Madlyn and Colby sat down with us to chat about their new lives as parents and what's next for their family. 

Josie—who came into the world at eight pounds, eight ounces—is not only Madlyn and Colby's first child, she also marks the first baby of the franchise. Madlyn previously shared the news about her pregnancy with E! and that she became pregnant "three months" after filming ended. 

And apparently, the baby is already Madlyn's mini-me! Colby, says the baby "looks just like" her.

"They're gonna be two little twins who will troublemakers together," he said, jokingly adding that the little Taurus baby is "already showing her horns." 

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So what's next for these two? Madlyn may have just given birth but these two aren't wasting any time. In fact, the pair revealed that they are in the process of planning a wedding. 

"We're planning our wedding here soon," Colby shared. "So you'll get kind of a remake of what y'all saw on TV." 

"It'd be more like family and friends," he said, noting that Madlyn "already has the dress, we just need to line it up."

While we listen to the wedding bells in the distance, continue reading to get the exciting details about Madyln and Colby's new lives as parents!


E! News: Congratulations! How did labor go? 

Madlyn Ballatori: I was initially planning for a totally natural birth but we found out at 36 weeks I needed to have a C-section because she was breech. They told me she was gonna be nine pounds so that was terrifying. But it couldn't have gone more smooth. I had an amazing team of doctors and it took only took about 20 minutes so no complaints.

E!: Was there anything about pregnancy that surprised you? 

MB: I didn't know how much I was gonna love it. I really loved every minute of being pregnant. I mean, the last couple of weeks, of course got hard and I was so eager to meet my baby, but I felt like a champ. It gave me a whole new sense of confidence and love for myself and for Colby. It just totally grew me as an individual and us as a couple.

E!: What was it like holding her for the first time?

Colby Kissinger: Oh, my goodness. Just a rush. Something that you can't really describe the feeling of just a new life coming into the world, especially when it's your own. It's just so special and a moment I'll never forget.

The Ultimatum's Madlyn Ballatori Gives Birth to Baby Girl

E!: Have any of your fellow Ultimatum cast members sent you well wishes? 

MB: All of them. April was the first and then I think Ray and Randall put it into the group text and everybody chimed in and shared their love. 
[Hosts Vanessa and Nick Lachey were so sweet. They sent us an incredible care package with the cutest little outfits and stuffed animals and blankets.

E!: Without the show, do you think you would be in this position of motherhood right now? 

MB: I think Colby would've made it happen regardless. I definitely think The Ultimatum expedited our little roadmap. 


Have you two been working on the nursery? 

MB: The nursery is totally complete. We didn't go over the top. We didn't paint or anything but Colby put all the furniture together and we have like old classic cherry wood furniture and lots of wildflowers, neutrals and pinks.

CK: It's her little jungle.

E!: What are your plans for your first Mother's Day?

MB: Colby's mother and father are coming in town to spend the week and help us cook and clean and take care of the baby and we are going over to my mom's house to spend the afternoon by the pool. Colby and his dad are gonna grill. It's actually our parents first time meeting in person. They've talked on the phone and what not but we're finally getting the gangs together.

E!: Now the question we're all dying to know: Have you ordered a baby cowboy hat yet?

MB: Oh, my gosh, no, not yet. But I'm sure Colby will be on it. She got a pair of hand-me-down boots but the hat's next on the list for sure. 

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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