Nikki Plans a Spooky Baby Shower in Hilarious Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? Preview

By Paige Strout May 05, 2022 11:01 PMTags
Watch: Nikki Glaser Wants to Throw Sister Lauren a Baby Shower

Baby showers are meant to celebrate new life, not terrify guests.

Nikki Glaser wants to throw her sister, Lauren Green, a baby shower in E! News' exclusive Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? preview, even though she knows little to nothing about planning one.

"My sister, Lauren, she's two years younger than me. She is the most beautiful person I know," says Glaser in a confessional. "She chose a totally different path in life. She's married to an amazing guy, Matt. They have two kids together, a third on the way."

And while their mom, Julie Glaser, always assumed her girls would have kids one day, Nikki's career always seemed to come first.

"I'm 37 and I tell dick jokes for a living," she joked, "and am currently trying to get back with an ex-boyfriend who I've been off and on with eight years."

Julie introduces her daughter to the concept of a "baby sprinkle"—a baby shower for someone who's already had a kid—and Nikki is on board. Though the comedian has never attended her sister's previous showers, her mom has got it all covered.

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Talking about the baby shower she planned for Lauren's first child, son Arlo, Julie says, "It was really fun. I had it. I blew up these cloud balloons, and then I had little babies in onesies floating around the room."


Nikki asks her mom, "Didn't they look like ghost babies?" to which Julie responds that they did.

"I've been hearing about these 'ghost babies' since their inception," Nikki says in a confessional. "My mom seems to have had some acid flashbacks that are hitting her up later in life."

Julie doesn't care if her spooky infants creeped people out, revealing she kept all of them. Always down for a good laugh, Nikki begs her mom to "please bring the ghost babies" to the shower.

Nikki jokes in a confessional, "She likes terrifying party guests, apparently."

Check out the full clip above.

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