Why the Stars of The Offer Think Their Characters Would Be Canceled Today

The Offer's Burn Gorman, Colin Hanks and Matthew Goode explain why their characters' antics wouldn't fly today in an exclusive chat with E! News.

By Alyssa Ray May 05, 2022 11:01 PMTags
Watch: The Offer Cast Dishes on Filming The Godfather-Inspired Miniseries

A lot has changed in Hollywood since the making of The Godfather: Francis Ford Coppola is now a household name, smoking indoors is a thing of the past and studio executives are being held more accountable for their actions.

So, it's no wonder that Burn Gorman, who was joined by co-stars Colin Hanks and Matthew Goode for an interview with E! News, is convinced that his character in Paramount+'s The Offer would get canceled today. (The show offers a dramatic retelling of the making of The Godfather.) 

For example, Burn, who plays business magnate and former owner of Paramount Charles Bluhdorn, revealed that the real-life Charles used to literally bark at people "if he didn't get what he wanted."

And while Burn loved Charles' story, calling the Austrian-born industrialist "the epitome of the American dream," he knows that this eccentric behavior "wouldn't exist nowadays." 

He added, "He wouldn't be allowed."

Matthew jumped in to add, "They'd all be canceled."

The Cast of The Offer vs. the Real People Who Made The Godfather

And we can't say that we disagree. In episode three, Charles meets Bettye McCartt (Juno Temple), the assistant to Godfather producer Al Ruddy (Miles Teller), and immediately asks her out on a date. "Let's get a drink, get to know each other a bit," he says in the scene. "I'm your boss too, right?"

As for Matthew's character Robert Evans, the head of Paramount Pictures, The Offer portrays him as a fan of explicit language and someone who is unafraid to use his position to get what he wants, including a leading role in a romantic drama for his wife.

Ironically, Colin's Barry Lapidus character, a fictional executive created for the drama, is supposed to be what he dubbed the "bad guy," but is really the least problematic of the three.

Nicole Wilder/PARAMOUNT+

"The truth of the matter is—as hard as it is to believe—there are people that didn't want to make The Godfather," Colin said about Barry. "And they actually had legitimate reasons in their eyes at the time as to why it was a bad idea."

New episodes of The Offer arrive Thursdays on Paramount+.

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