The Wilds' Erana James and Mia Healey Tease Whether Shelby and Toni Are "Endgame"

In an exclusive chat with E! News, The Wilds stars Erana James and Mia Healey hint at what's to come for their beloved couple Shelby and Toni. See what they had to say.

By Alyssa Ray May 05, 2022 8:58 PMTags
Watch: The Wilds Stars Mia Healey & Erana James Tease Season 2

Shoni shippers be warned: The Wilds couple's fate is up in the air.

While season one flashback scenes had Shelby (Mia Healey) and Toni (Erana James) consummating their love beneath a lychee tree and choosing to pursue a relationship, don't forget that the flashforward scenes to present-day featured Shelby on crutches and with a shaved head. So, it's safe to assume that some dire things go down in season two, which premieres May 6 on Prime Video.

Whether Shelby and Toni's relationship survives the trials of being deserted on an island—which, as a reminder, is actually the Dawn of Eve social experiment—remains unclear. And, after an exclusive interview with Mia and Erana, we aren't feeling too confident about Shoni's fate.

"She's gotten a lot of peace and she's a lot more relaxed and feels so comfortable and calm with a new relationship, which is beautiful," Erana said of where Toni is at in season two. "But there's still a lot for her to figure out in herself, and in that relationship as well."

Erana went on to warn that Toni still has "a lot of lessons" to learn.

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While Mia felt similarly, she did note that she wants Shelby and Toni "to be endgame."

"I'm like the biggest fan of that," she said. "I hope that it will. But similar to what Erana said, these two characters have so much going on in their lives. Speaking for Shelby, she's got so much that she needs to figure out in order to be the best version of herself, and also to be the best partner she could possibly be to Toni."

Mia then noted that "Toni deserves to be with someone who is going to be able to support them through everything." Well, that doesn't sound promising for the pair!

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Despite the uncertain outcome for the on-screen couple, Mia and Erana made it clear that they're honored to tell this love story. "Every reaction and response and every person that's reached out has just meant the world and touched both of us," Erana said of the positive reaction to their characters. "As creators, all you want to do is make people feel seen and heard and understood. And that's what we've been able to do for a group of people."

The Wilds season two premieres May 6 on Prime Video.

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